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Don't Salt My Game | With Laura Thomas, PhD

Join Registered Nutritionist Laura Thomas, PhD for conversations with game changers. Laura talks to people in wellness, foodies, bloggers, entrepreneurs from cool brands, creatives, nutritionists, doctors, body positivity people, mindfulness experts, and anyone else who is shaking up the wellness world, to find out how they stay on top of their game – and to help you do you, but better. It’s not all handstands and courgetti though - she and her guests aren’t afraid to dig deep into the darker side of wellness and WILL call BS on weird, faddy trends, that don’t have any legitimacy or scientific merit. Fresh pods every Friday. #dontsaltmygame

info_outline Ep 119 - Intuitive Eating Frequently Asked Questions w/ Eliza Khinsoe of London Centre for Intuitive Eating 05/15/2020
info_outline Ep 118 - What Gym Bros Get Wrong About Intuitive Eating w/ Isa Robinson 05/08/2020
info_outline Ep 117 - The Pressure to Raise ‘Perfect’ Eaters w/ Sarah Dempster {Crossover - Eating Words Podcast} 05/01/2020
info_outline Ep 116 - Where the F have you been? - A quick catch up with Laura 04/24/2020
info_outline Ep 115 - Let's Talk About Sex, Baby - Part 2 w/ Alix Fox, Sex Educator 10/19/2019
info_outline Ep 115 - Let's Talk About Sex, Baby - Part 1 w/ Alix Fox, Sex Educator 10/04/2019
info_outline EP 114: Challenging Diet Mentality in the Fitness Industry w/ Jake Gifford 09/27/2019
info_outline EP 113 - How to Start Building Positive Body Image with Ashlee Bennett 09/20/2019
info_outline EP 112 - How to Navigate Your Relationship with Food When the World Tells You Your Body Is Wrong w/ Vaughn Darst 08/30/2019
info_outline Ep 111 - Makeup, Street Photographers and Why Queer Rights are Feminist Issues w/ Jamie Windurst of Fruitcake Magazine 08/23/2019
info_outline EP 110 - Elyse Resch - Intuitive Eating + Eating Disorder Recovery For the Teenager in All of Us 08/16/2019
info_outline EP 109 - Returning to BoPo's Radical Roots + 'No Big Deal' w/ Bethany Rutter 08/09/2019
info_outline EP108 Navigating Common Intuitive Eating Sticking Points w/ Devinia Noel of The Diet Boycott 08/02/2019
info_outline EP 107 - How Social Media Impacts Our Body Image w/ Dr Amy Slater of the Centre for Appearance Research 03/15/2019
info_outline EP 106 - Real versus Fake Intuitive Eating w/ Jess Rann 03/08/2019
info_outline EP 105 - What to Consider if You've Ever Fancied the Freelance Life w/ Katherine Kimber 03/01/2019
info_outline EP 104 - How Intuitive Eating Helped Me Find Peace with My Body During Pregnancy w/ Kirstin Kade 02/22/2019
info_outline EP 103 - How to Navigate Diabetes + Disordered Eating w/ Lauren Newman 02/15/2019
info_outline EP 102 - How Powerlifting Helped Me Heal My Relationship With Food + My Body w/ Poorna Bell 02/08/2019
info_outline EP 101 - How Waking Up From Diet Culture Allows You To Find Food + Body Freedom w/ Tally Rye 02/01/2019
info_outline EP 100 - How To Find Self Worth Outside of Our Appearances w/ Natalie Lee 01/25/2019
info_outline EP 99 - How Becoming a Mother Started Me On My Intuitive Eating Adventure w/ Clemmie Telford 01/18/2019
info_outline EP 98 - How Questioning Authority + Pushing Back Can Help You Make Peace With Your Body w/ Sofie Hagen 01/10/2019
info_outline EP 97 - BONUS: Become a Diet Culture Dropout this January 01/01/2019
info_outline EP 96 - How to Handle Diet Chat This Holiday Season w/ Jenna Daku 12/13/2018
info_outline EP 95 - Radical Body Politics, Compassion + Empowerment w/ Imogen Fox of Feeding the 11/09/2018
info_outline EP 94 - Trauma, Food + Body Image w/ Kimberley Wilson 11/02/2018
info_outline EP 93 - Raising Kids w/ Healthy Relationships to Food + Bodies w/ Sarah Dempster 10/26/2018
info_outline EP92 - Things Bloggers Say w/ Alan Flanagan 10/19/2018