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Hearts of the Dulcimer

The Hearts of the Dulcimer Podcast explores the mountain dulcimer's past, present, and future. If you like mountain dulcimers, this is the podcast for you.

info_outline A Children’s Music Special 08/01/2019
info_outline The Multifaceted Bonnie Carol and Max Krimmel 06/01/2019
info_outline The Healing Dulcimer 04/01/2019
info_outline The Orchestral Dulcimer 02/01/2019
info_outline The Winter Holiday Dulcimer 2018 12/10/2018
info_outline 3 Stories and 3 Tunes from Heidi Muller and Bob Webb 11/16/2018
info_outline Golden Ring: A Gathering of Friends for Making Music 08/29/2018
info_outline The Many Modes of Stephen Seifert 06/29/2018
info_outline The Dulcimer Adventures of Joellen Lapidus 05/31/2018
info_outline Heidi Muller and Bob Webb: Music with a Purpose 04/11/2018
info_outline An Irish Music Special 02/19/2018
info_outline The Legendary Howie Mitchell 01/13/2018
info_outline The Winter Holiday Dulcimer 2017 12/15/2017
info_outline Richard Ash: The Face of Folkcraft Instruments 11/16/2017
info_outline The Driven Wendy Songe 10/04/2017
info_outline A Conversation with Judy Collins 09/07/2017
info_outline Dulcimer Week in the Wallowas 08/28/2017
info_outline Mark Gilston: The Transcontinental Dulcimer 07/15/2017
info_outline Aaron O’Rourke: Soulful Virtuosity 05/14/2017
info_outline A Mother’s Day Special Featuring Margaret Wright and Cassandra Damper 04/15/2017
info_outline Richard Fariña and the Cambridge Folk Music Scene PART 2: A Conversation with Ed Freeman 02/27/2017
info_outline Richard Fariña and the Cambridge Folk Music Scene PART 1: A Conversation with Rick Turner 02/27/2017
info_outline AppalAsia: Bridging Traditions 01/11/2017
info_outline The Winter Holiday Dulcimer 12/01/2016
info_outline National Dulcimer Championship 2016 11/20/2016
info_outline Ivan Ng Sheng Kai: Singapore’s Only Dulcimer Busker 10/08/2016
info_outline Dulcimer Short Story with Neal Hellman: Celebrities at the Renaissance Faire 08/28/2016
info_outline Blues on Dulcimer 06/06/2016
info_outline Steve Eulberg: Dulcimer Crossing 05/02/2016
info_outline Neal Hellman: Part Folk, Part Classical, All Acoustic 04/06/2016