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Easy Online Marketing with Maritza Parra

The practical and spiritual online marketing show helping you go from marketing to money. Maritza brings her experience as a serial entrepreneur and interviews today's leading entrepreneurs. Join us at MaritzaParra.com for recaps, inspiration and resources from each show.

info_outline Healing for Animals and Humans - 07/01/2016
info_outline Turn Your "Mess" Into A Miracle for Someone Else. 06/09/2016
info_outline 4 Steps to Effectively Use Creative Visualization 06/02/2016
info_outline How Making Offers in Your Business is an Act of Love 09/24/2015
info_outline Jessica Catorc - How Meditation Helps You, The Entrepreneur 09/17/2015
info_outline Amber Hurdle, aka The Velvet Machete, Helps You "Just Do You" to Grow Your Business 09/10/2015
info_outline Ellen Britt On Using All Your Talents & Riding On Pink Coattails 09/03/2015
info_outline Yusuf Chowdhury: How Being of Service Builds Your Business 08/27/2015
info_outline Getting Present in Your Business with Lauren Fire 08/20/2015
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info_outline Launch Your Online Course 07/16/2015
info_outline What's Your Big Why? 07/09/2015
info_outline Austin Netzley shares how he retired wealthy at 27 years old. 07/02/2015
info_outline Austin Netzley shares how he retired wealthy at 27 years old. 07/02/2015
info_outline Do You Believe in Miracles in Your Business? 06/24/2015
info_outline Business Creativity with Laura West 06/11/2015
info_outline Ask, Believe, Receive 06/04/2015
info_outline What I Think About Glenn Beck Speaking at Podcast Movement 05/27/2015
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