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Like the Dove Podcast

Are you wanting to know how to grow your relationship with God? Maybe you’ve been stuck in the new age and you’re feeling something is off with the spiritual gurus and self-help world? Or, maybe, like me, you’ve been saved by God but you’re struggling in how to live your life day to day? Welcome to Like the Dove podcast, hosted by Eliza Ceci - a women’s life coach, business owner, blogger, ex new ager, and firmly rooted Christian. After almost a decade of being completely immersed in and teaching new age practices, God opened my eyes and heart to follow Him. This meant giving up my business and all of the ways I was living for my own ambitions and now I’ve re-built my life living for God. This podcast focuses on supporting the ups and downs you experience as an ex new ager and new Christian. Whether you’re newly saved, Christian-curious, or fully immersed in your walk with God, my intention for this podcast is to support you in growing your trust and love for Jesus.

We talk about re-building our lives with Jesus as your cornerstone, entrepreneurship, loving God + studying the Bible, and the journey of what it’s like to listen to the Holy Spirit.

My intention with this podcast is that you’ll feel less alone as God does a good thing transforming your heart from one of stone to one of flesh. (Ezekiel 11:19) Topics we explore often: - unhealthy family dynamics, mother wound / father wound - studying the Bible - scripture memory - common traps of the new age and how to break free - what life looks like as a new Christian being obedient to God - lots of book recommendations and resources for Christian women - stories and personal reflections to help you feel less alone - testimonies of ex new agers - encouragement from Eliza who’s a life coach with 15 years experience supporting women through huge life transitions 
Join us every week for encouragement on your spiritual path. Make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss an episode. I’m grateful you’re here!

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