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Energypreneurs is a podcast that brings solar power, electric vehicles and battery technologies to young entrepreneurs. Sohail Hasnie, our host, is a firm believer that the solution to climate change lies in these technologies, which will also fundamentally change the way we think about electricity and transportation—on road, on water and even on air. Over the last 35 years, Sohail has applied technology and innovation in many large infrastructure projects across Australasia. As a staff of the Asian Development Bank since 2001, he has developed large investment projects with solar power, battery, and electric vehicles across Asia.

info_outline E158: Charting the Course of Energy Transition in Australia 02/20/2024
info_outline E157: Strategies to Expand EV Adoption Beyond Early Adopters 02/18/2024
info_outline E156: Financing Private Sector Sustainable Projects 02/15/2024
info_outline E155: Tomorrow's Solutions from the Leaders of the Future 02/13/2024
info_outline E154: From Energy Efficiency to Innovative Solutions – Addressing Asia’s Clean Energy Transition 02/12/2024
info_outline E153: Climate Finance, AI Tools, and Startup Insights 02/08/2024
info_outline E152: Future of Transportation: Electrify and Automate it all 01/29/2024
info_outline E151: AI in 2024: Critical for Progress, Challenging to Avoid 01/29/2024
info_outline E150: Concluding the Year with a Brief Overview 01/01/2024
info_outline E149: Philippine Renewable Energy: Insights on Wind and Solar 12/31/2023
info_outline E148: Corporate Social Responsibility and Renewable Energy 12/31/2023
info_outline E147: Opportunities in Solar Waste and Carbon Capture 12/30/2023
info_outline E146: How to Empower Ourselves with AI-enabled Superpowers 12/29/2023
info_outline E145: Understanding Business Sustainability and AI: Adapting to Major Change 12/27/2023
info_outline E144: Bangladesh's Rooftop Solar: Powering a Sustainable Future 12/26/2023
info_outline E143: Sarawak’s Journey to Becoming a Regional Renewable Energy Powerhouse 12/23/2023
info_outline E142: Australia's Energy Evolution: The Impact of Electric Vehicles and Renewables 12/20/2023
info_outline E141: Transitioning Away from Domestic Gas Use in Victoria 12/19/2023
info_outline E140: Optimize the Value of Renewable Assets with AI 12/18/2023
info_outline E139: Affordable High-End Supercars for India 12/18/2023
info_outline E138: Waste-to-Hydrogen — a Game Changer? 12/10/2023
info_outline E137: Electric Vehicles in the Philippines — if Not Now When? 12/10/2023
info_outline E136: Revolutionizing EV Charging: A Deep Dive with the Innovators at Alchemy Charge 12/09/2023
info_outline E135: Affordable Electric Vehicles in Bangladesh 12/05/2023
info_outline E134: Conversation with a PCMag journalist on EVs and Battery Tech 12/04/2023
info_outline E133: Accelerating Finance to Match Speed and Scale for Climate Science 11/30/2023
info_outline E132: Green Ammonia from Solar (CSP and PV) 11/29/2023
info_outline E131: Navigating Energy Efficiency, Community Impact, and Technology 11/17/2023
info_outline E130: Solar on Water: The Philippine Revolution in Renewable Energy 11/15/2023
info_outline E129: Energy Transition and Electric Mobility in Australia 11/14/2023