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Engine Noise Podcast

Jeremy is a car expert. Matt knows just a bit about cars, but doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty. Together, they’re a Dynamic DIY Duo (minus the spandex), making the internet safe for everyone who likes fast machines or isn’t afraid to get some grease on their t-shirt. ​ Are you a total gearhead with a lifetime love of cars? Or just starting to peek under the hood and want to learn more? These long-time friends cover everything automotive, for every level of experience, with a few jokes and surprises thrown in along the way. And they have a blast doing it. ​ Tune in the 1st and 15th of every month to get great tips and tricks, learn some fun trivia to impress your friends, or just hear Jeremy talk about his Wankel. ​ Engine Noise is produced by Jaime Prohaska & edited by Patti Ford. Engine Noise Podcast is proud to be sponsored by 1A Auto, the DIYer’s choice for quality auto parts and how-to videos.

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