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Enlightened Culture Podcast

Life is hard. Sometimes we make it even harder. We are here to learn, grow, and develop. Sometimes you have a goal so far out of reach that it seems impossible. Other times people tell you to be realistic. Trust God to guide you in the right direction but make sure you put in the heavy work. Who are we? As kids we are naive to the world. We just care about cartoons and recess but as we start growing older we see the harsh realities of life. Life is full of pain but without it we wouldn’t appreciate the joy. We tell ourselves how we are going to be the next great thing but when you look around you see how the system just breaks down many around us. Find those who appreciate you and keep working hard. Why this Podcast Exist? Enlightened Culture Podcast is a place of open conversation. In order to understand the world you must first understand yourself. Pain and Art is what make life but we first must understand our traumas to appreciate the beauty of life.

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