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Erotic Awakening Podcast

Welcome to Erotic Awakening, an informative and entertaining exploration of all things erotic. From sacred sexuality to fetishes, Power Exchange and polyamoary, BDSM to erotic spirituality, non standard relationships to alternative love styles, as well as simply fun kink.

info_outline EA691- Chemical Play 04/14/2024
info_outline EA690 - Kink Education pt. 2, ED & Dementia and Collar Naming 03/31/2024
info_outline EA689 - Kink Education, Travel Fatigue and Semenology Cookbook 03/22/2024
info_outline EA688 - Sex and Power Exchange w_ Kevin and katie, kinky sex w_ Gen X and the best meatloaf in AZ 03/06/2024
info_outline EA687 - Shame, Get Off My Lawn and more thoughts on Cutting 03/01/2024
info_outline EA686 - Cutting, BDSM without sex, no sunlight for you 02/22/2024
info_outline EA685 - 15th Podcast Anniversary, Journey Impact w_Patrons and Virtual 02/15/2024
info_outline EA684 - Sensory Deprivation, Chemical Stuff, and Honey Boobs 02/09/2024
info_outline EA683 - Sex and BDSM, Charmed and Better Dildos 01/19/2024
info_outline EA682 - Advanced Sadism with JustRob and Having Fun 01/05/2024
info_outline EA681 - Getting Laid on Fetlife, Holidays, and a Con we aren't presenting at 12/31/2023
info_outline EA680 - Power Exchange Couples - Kevin and katie, and Yuma Boobs! 12/16/2023
info_outline EA679 - Primal Dynamics, Political Humiliation Kink & Eat a Peach 12/08/2023
info_outline EA678 - Blood Play and Play Not for You 12/01/2023
info_outline EA677 - Building New Leather Community after Covid & Naughty Revival 11/24/2023
info_outline EA676 - Self Collared, Meatloaf and Dan Find It Hot 11/19/2023
info_outline EA675 - Community and Desert Heat 11/13/2023
info_outline EA674 - Eating the Orange and Scary Movies 11/06/2023
info_outline EA673 - NRE vs. MRE in Polyamory, Leaving a collar and comic books 10/26/2023
info_outline EA672 - Negotiating scenes, Compersion, and Body Buffet 10/19/2023
info_outline EA671 - Exploring Anal Pleasures with Luna from The Submissive Guide 10/15/2023
info_outline EA670 - Helping Your Follower Embrace Their Seat of Power, KC is the best, and Boobs Gone Bad 10/06/2023
info_outline EA669 - Fresh Kink and Frustrated Listeners 09/28/2023
info_outline EA668 - Sexy Shows and Non-Sexy Kink 09/15/2023
info_outline EA667 slaves with Too Much Power & Valueless Collars 09/07/2023
info_outline EA666 - Post Transition & solo power exchange w_ Lee Harrington 07/13/2023
info_outline EA665 - Overcoming submissive fears, community picnic and bedroom recording 07/04/2023
info_outline EA664 - Red and Black and mini-scenes 06/29/2023
info_outline EA663 - Queer Erotic Author Christian Pan 06/16/2023
info_outline EA662 - Power Exchange in an Emergency Situation 06/09/2023