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The Exceptional Worship Podcast

The Exceptional Worship Podcast is a show designed to equip, encourage and train worship leaders. Practical tools and relevant teaching will help worship leaders lead their teams, engage their congregations and grow their ministries. We'll cover topics ranging from leadership and team development issues to the nitty gritty aspects of planning songs, setlists and whole worship services. We'll also dig into music and musicianship issues to help you lead your band and vocal team.

info_outline 028: Authority Issues Might Be Killing Your Ministry 08/08/2017
info_outline 027: Developing Your Worship Team, Part 2 07/28/2017
info_outline 026: Developing Your Worship Team, Part 1 07/20/2017
info_outline 025: The Vocalist Episode -with Gateway's Anna Byrd and Jill Brewer 06/02/2017
info_outline Why Discontentment Will Ruin Your Ministry and Your Family 03/10/2017
info_outline 023: Diminish The Drama 02/21/2017
info_outline Being Present In The Moment 09/02/2016
info_outline 021: Loving God, Loving Your Church, And How Songwriting Fits Into That 08/11/2016
info_outline 020: How To Lead Your Team By Asking Great Questions 05/20/2016
info_outline Five Ways To Better Lead Your Vocal Team 03/03/2016
info_outline Four Steps To Cultivate Expressive Worship In Your Church 01/20/2016
info_outline 10 Tools That I Can't Live Without As A Worship Leader 01/06/2016
info_outline 016: Death By Announcements 11/25/2015
info_outline 015: The Worship Leader Hiring Process For Churches 10/02/2015
info_outline The Six Must-Have Leadership Roles That Your Team Needs 08/20/2015
info_outline 013: What Your Worship Team Absolutely Needs To Know About Biblical Worship, Part 2 08/04/2015
info_outline 012: What Your Worship Team Absolutely Needs To Know About Biblical Worship, Part 1 07/09/2015
info_outline 011: How To Lead (And Learn From) Your Sound Tech 04/09/2015
info_outline Episode 010: What’s Missing From Your Worship Team? 03/23/2015
info_outline Episode 009: The 3 Gs of Arranging, Part 2 02/25/2015
info_outline Episode 008: The 3 Gs of Arranging, Part 1 02/20/2015
info_outline 007: 5 Tips To Handle Late Team Members 02/12/2015
info_outline 006: The Big Traps For Small Church Worship Teams 02/05/2015
info_outline 005: How to Move Our Guitarists from Adequate to Exceptional 01/28/2015
info_outline 004: 10 Tactics To Run Killer Rehearsals 01/21/2015
info_outline 003: How to Make New Songs Stick 01/14/2015
info_outline Episode 002: How To Schedule Your Way To A More Committed Team 01/06/2015
info_outline Episode 001: The Seven Deadly Sins of the Worship Team 01/05/2015
info_outline 000: About The Exceptional Worship Podcast 01/05/2015