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Exercise Is Health

At Muscle Activation Schaumburg, we believe your health is your most valuable asset. Join hosts Charlie and Julie Cates as they discuss how to utilize exercise to help improve and maintain your health, as well as interviews with health and wellness experts from various fields including chiropractic, accupuncture, psychology, nutrition, and functional medicine. Both Charlie and Julie are certified personal trainers and Muscle Activation Techniques® practitioners in Schaumburg, IL.

info_outline E118 - An Inside Look Into Our At-Home Workouts 04/01/2020
info_outline E117 - What can be done about employee burnout in the workplace? A panel discussion. 03/25/2020
info_outline E116 - How can improving your muscle function improve your brain function? Interview with Greg Roskopf, Developer of Muscle Activation Techniques® 03/18/2020
info_outline E115 - How To Exercise When You Have "No" Time 03/11/2020
info_outline E114 - What's the issue with rotator cuff issues? 03/04/2020
info_outline E113 - How To Exercise With An "Itis" 02/26/2020
info_outline E112 - How can a compounding pharmacy improve your health? 02/19/2020
info_outline E111 - Why Your IT Band Symptom May Not Be An IT Band Issue 02/12/2020
info_outline E110 - The Five Stages of Fitness 02/05/2020
info_outline E109 - What is "Exercise For Life"? 01/29/2020
info_outline E108 - Why Your Discs Are Not The Entire Story 01/22/2020
info_outline E107 - What is SOMA breathwork and how will it improve your health? Interview with Rob Bill 01/15/2020
info_outline E106 - Are you prepared for your workouts? Here's how to make sure your body is ready. 01/08/2020
info_outline E105 - What Is Joint Health and How Can Exercise Improve It? 01/01/2020
info_outline E104 - Exercise Parameters If You Are 50+ 12/25/2019
info_outline E103 - The Psychological Impact of Food Allergies with Tamara Hubbard, LCPC 12/18/2019
info_outline E102 - Can your muscles be too loose? 12/11/2019
info_outline E101 - Foot Issues & Your Muscles - Temporary "fixes" vs. sustainable management 12/04/2019
info_outline E100 - "What is the best way to warm up for my workouts?" 11/27/2019
info_outline E99 - What do muscles have to do with scoliosis and kyphosis? - Interview with Dr. Vivek Mohan 11/20/2019
info_outline E98 - What can you do to resolve your compensations? 11/13/2019
info_outline E97 - Five Principles To Help You Exercise For Life 11/06/2019
info_outline E96 - What is Mercier Therapy and how can it help promote fertility? Interview with Dr. Jennifer Mercier 10/30/2019
info_outline E95 - "Can MAT® help me touch my toes?" 10/23/2019
info_outline E94 - The Importance of Strength Training During Cancer Treatment with Dr. Tom Incledon 10/16/2019
info_outline E93 - Your Muscles Are Your Posture's BFFL 10/09/2019
info_outline E92 - 4 Tips To Get Healthier Without Changing Your Lifestyle 10/02/2019
info_outline E91 - "What can I do with exercise to help my arthritic knee?" 09/25/2019
info_outline E90 - The Influence of Airway Health on Your Teeth with Dr. Dawn Diehnelt of Serenity Dental 09/18/2019
info_outline E89 - 4 Unexpected Side Effects of Muscle Activation Techniques® 09/11/2019