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Exercise Is Health

At Muscle Activation Schaumburg, we believe your health is your most valuable asset. Join hosts Charlie and Julie Cates as they discuss how to utilize exercise to help improve and maintain your health, as well as interviews with health and wellness experts from various fields including chiropractic, accupuncture, psychology, nutrition, and functional medicine. Both Charlie and Julie are certified personal trainers and Muscle Activation Techniques® practitioners in Schaumburg, IL.

info_outline E282 - How To Strength Train If You Have Lower Back Pain 05/24/2023
info_outline E281 - Where To Start With Exercise If You Are Super Tight & Restricted 05/17/2023
info_outline E280 - How To Make Cardio Less Stressful For Your Joints 05/10/2023
info_outline E279 - Why HIIT Workouts Are Ruining Your Health 05/03/2023
info_outline E278 - Why Doing Random Workouts Is Stalling Your Progress 04/26/2023
info_outline E277 - How To Strength Train If You Don't Want To Build Muscle 04/19/2023
info_outline E276 - How Do You Know If You're Not Doing Enough Exercise? 04/12/2023
info_outline E275 - The #1 Thing To Improve Your Balance 04/05/2023
info_outline E274 - How Can You Access Your Prodigy Brain? - Interview with Tracy Pleschourt 03/29/2023
info_outline E273 - Osteoporosis & Exercise - What You're Not Being Told 03/22/2023
info_outline E272 - One Key Strength Training Principle To Increase Your Flexibility 03/15/2023
info_outline E271 - Julie's Mystery Question For Charlie 03/08/2023
info_outline E270 - You (And Your Patients) Need To Exercise - Part 2 03/01/2023
info_outline E269 - Why Your Laziness Is Keeping You Alive - Interview with Dave Asprey 02/22/2023
info_outline E268 - You (And Your Patients) Need To Exercise - Part 1 02/15/2023
info_outline E267 - Where to Start When Lifting Weights Feels Intimidating 02/08/2023
info_outline E266 - A More Effective Way To Boost Your Metabolism 02/01/2023
info_outline E265 - 3 Reasons Why Your Metabolism Has Its Foot On The Break - Interview with Dr. Jessie Hehmeyer 01/25/2023
info_outline E264 - Why Prioritizing Results Is Getting You Worse Results 01/18/2023
info_outline E263 - Why Your Crunches Aren't Cutting It 01/11/2023
info_outline E262 - How To Hack Your Fitness New Year's Resolutions If You Are 50+ 01/04/2023
info_outline E261 - The Science of Fasting & Longevity - Interview with Dr. Joseph Antoun 12/28/2022
info_outline E260 - 5 Facts You Need To Know About Using Bands Before Your Next Workout 12/21/2022
info_outline E259 - What To Do When Your Strength Training Is Making You Less Flexible 12/14/2022
info_outline E258 - 3 Key Principles To Apply To Your At Home Workouts To Increase Effectiveness 12/07/2022
info_outline E257 - How To Easily Apply Everything You Learn On This Podcast 11/30/2022
info_outline E256 - How To Easily Customize Your Workouts Without Knowing Anything About Exercise 11/23/2022
info_outline E255 - Exercising For Your Last Decade 11/16/2022
info_outline E254 - How To Progress Your Cardio After You've Been Derailed 11/09/2022
info_outline E253 - How To Be Successful With Exercise 11/02/2022