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the HEART & GRIT show

Hi, I'm Gina, I am a business coach, mentor and purpose-driven entrepreneur. I believe that mediocracy is not an option, waiting is not an option and compromising your life is not an option. I am a driven, resilient, and tenacious woman who wants to be in charge and call the shots, while making a difference in the world. How about you? I challenge the idea that you must settle for anything less than what you want, what you are capable of, what you envision for yourself This show was created to talk about the messy and beautiful life of entrepreneurship. What it takes to, "take the leap," commit and be the CEO of your business and life. Myself and my guests will share with you the truth around leaping into running a business. It is less about planning and strategizing, and more about heart and grit. If you are ready to finally take the leap, discover what you have to tap into inside, and step into your dreams, this show is for you.

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