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FadCast | Podcast About Film Fads Movies and Pop Culture

The FadCast is the podcast representing Film Fad (filmfad.com). Every week we cover current events and elaborate upon film history and fads and trends associated with a particular film or film genre.

info_outline 148: What Would Jersey Do If Martians Attack? Ft. "Brave New Jersey" Director Jody Lambert 07/31/2017
info_outline 147: Lena Dunham and Other Actors People Hate 07/28/2017
info_outline 146 | The Evolution Of Spider-Man Movies 07/08/2017
info_outline 145: What's So Great About Jenji Kohan? 06/23/2017
info_outline 144: Is Tom Cruise A Good Or Bad Actor? 06/09/2017
info_outline 143: Movie Remakes That Are Better Than The Original 06/01/2017
info_outline 142: "Back To The 90s" Talking Nickelodeon Nostalgia ft. Actor/Director Ben Giroux 05/24/2017
info_outline 141: Our Time With Jason Mewes & Violett Beane At Tidewater Comicon 05/19/2017
info_outline 140: Movies About Moving 05/10/2017
info_outline 139: Star Wars George Lucas Era Versus Disney Future 05/03/2017
info_outline 138: What's The Deal With LGBT Films ft. 'Fair Haven' Actor/Producer Tom Malloy 04/26/2017
info_outline 137: Behind The Music Documentaries ft. “Bang! The Bert Berns Story” Director Brett Berns 04/19/2017
info_outline 136: Totally Wasted Marvel Movie Cameos 04/12/2017
info_outline 135: Bad Movies With Epic Trailers 04/04/2017
info_outline 134: Attack Of The Killer Rotten Tomatoes 03/28/2017
info_outline 133: Best Racing Movies 03/22/2017
info_outline 132: Netflix Original Wins & Epic Fails 03/14/2017
info_outline 131: Taboo Comedy Documentaries ft. 'The Last Laugh' Director Ferne Pearlstein 03/08/2017
info_outline 130: Perception Of Wine In Film ft. Julien Fayard From 'Decanted' 02/28/2017
info_outline 129: Movie Rumor Vs Movie Reality: When Do You Believe The Hype? 02/21/2017
info_outline 128: Nintendo Games Turned Movies While Playing Mario Kart Double Dash Ft. Keith Rhodes 02/15/2017
info_outline 127: The Worst Romantic Films For Valentine's Day 02/07/2017
info_outline 126: Film Fact Vs Fiction And True Movie Stories 01/31/2017
info_outline 125: Movie Showdown - Who Played It Better? 01/24/2017
info_outline 124: Films About Overcoming Disability Ft. 'Apple Of My Eye' Actress Lindsay Lamb 01/17/2017
info_outline 123: Golden Globes Best, Worst & Most Controversial Moments 01/10/2017
info_outline 122: Predicting The Best & Worst Films Of 2017 ft. Eric 01/03/2017
info_outline 121: R.I.P. 2016: Remembering Carrie Fisher & Other Late Actors ft. Eric 12/28/2016
info_outline 120: Films That Hit Rock Bottom ft. "All We Had" Actress Eve Lindley 12/20/2016
info_outline 119: Demonic Possession Films ft. 'The Possession Experiment' Writer Mary Dixon 12/13/2016