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Startup Film School with Stacey Parks of FilmSpecific.com

Startup Film School presented by Stacey Parks of FilmSpecific.com provides actionable advice for moving your independent film projects forward in the marketplace. While staying committed to 'making movies that sell" we'll explore topics from the latest film distribution models, to film financing in today's economic climate, to creating a successful DIY release, and more. A former film sales agent herself, Stacey digs deep into the how's, why's, and how-to's and helps you get clarity on what to do next to get your independent film off the ground.

info_outline 2015 Film Financing Market Review 12/17/2015
info_outline How To Leverage Cannes (Whether You're Going or Not) 05/11/2015
info_outline From low budget to micro budget and crowd funding for a new generation 03/28/2015
info_outline Marketplace Viability: Engineering Your Film for the Marketplace 02/03/2015
info_outline The Strategic Producer's Guide To Getting Your Film Going In 2015 12/23/2014
info_outline AFM Case Study: Packaging Your Film Without Financing In Place 12/09/2014
info_outline AFM® Case Study: Packaging, Co-Producers, & Pre-Sales 11/23/2014
info_outline Five Ways To Benefit From AFM (Whether You're There or Not) 11/05/2014
info_outline 5 Ways to Profit from Self-Distribution 09/23/2014
info_outline Minding VOD Windows With Linda Nelson Of Indie Rights 09/11/2014
info_outline Case Study: Releasing Your Film On Zero Budget 08/11/2014
info_outline From Crowd Funding To Broadcast Deal To Emmy Nom: Sean Hanish & Return To Zero Part 07/19/2014
info_outline The $500 Indie & How To Succeed As A ‘Backyard Filmmaker’ with Scott McMahon 06/06/2014
info_outline 5 Steps To Getting Your Script Market Ready 05/12/2014
info_outline Premiering Your Film On iTunes 05/02/2014
info_outline TUGG Release Success Part 2 - Final Tally On Angeles Perch 03/22/2014
info_outline How To Optimize New VOD & Internet Distribution Models w/ Michael Murphy of Gravitas Ventures 02/27/2014
info_outline How Building A Community Created A $100K+ Crowd Funding Success (And A Distribution Deal) 02/07/2014
info_outline Leveraging Social Media & Community Building For Packaging 01/23/2014
info_outline From Development to Sundance to Distribution: Unconventional Wisdom & Doing It "The Hard Way" 12/29/2013
info_outline Creating A Winning Promotional Strategy For Your Crowdfunding Campaign 12/12/2013
info_outline How To Create A Successful Theatrical Event With Tugg 12/10/2013
info_outline Packaging A Low Budget Film With Name Talent 11/23/2013
info_outline Lessons For Writers On Building Something Of Value, Finding A Producer, & Getting Your Film Made 11/15/2013
info_outline Best Practices For Raising Private Equity For Your Film with Slated.com 10/29/2013
info_outline AFM Success Story: Two Low Budget Projects, Two Successful Outcomes 10/15/2013
info_outline TUGG Release Success: A Case Study With Filmmakers Kimberly Dilts & JT Arbogast 09/18/2013
info_outline Your Film Is A Moving Train… a discussion with film producer Miles Maker 08/01/2013
info_outline Financing Your MicroBudget Film: A Crowdfunding Case Study 07/18/2013
info_outline What to Expect When You're Expecting a Sale - A Virtual Seminar with Hammad Zaidi from Lonely Seal Releasing 07/18/2013