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Financial Residency

As a doctor, you spent decades in school to get to where you are. Unfortunately, during all those years in medical school and residency, you probably didn't receive a financial education. But, not to worry. That’s where I come in. Think of this podcast as your financial residency without the long hours and sleepless nights! I will guide you through a financial education resulting in money confidence and clarity in this critical aspect of your life. You’ll understand how you make money, how you spend money, how your hard-earned money can work for you, and how to protect yourself and your family. I have witnessed residents and fellows bombarded by life and disability insurance salesmen and other “investment” pitches that are not in their best interest. You didn’t receive any formal financial education in your decades of medical training, so how are you supposed to know the good financial advisors from the bad? This podcast will help with that. Remember, it’s ok to not know the difference between a ROTH IRA and a 403b or which 529 plan is best. This podcast will simplify highly complex concepts and translate industry jargon into plain English. Are you ready to take action and make smarter, more informed financial decisions? Great - let's do this! Let your financial residency begin.

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