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Finding Free Podcast

Finding Free Podcast is a place for exploration and wandering, where you can sift through your own life and faith, and uncover the truths about yourself that have been there all along. Amy and Craig Andrews are regular people who want to create safe space for all to explore questions of faith and culture. Our hope is that these conversations can be a place for you to interact with real stories of real people learning what it means to truly live out their full, meaningful and authentic lives. May this be a space for you to find rest, community and encouragement for your own journey to finding your free, even when it doesn’t always look like what’s expected.

info_outline Limping Into the Kingdom with Layne Rogerson 10/01/2021
info_outline Faith Deconstruction: Finding Your Own Answers with Stan Mitchell 07/30/2021
info_outline Just for Laughs: Dad Jokes with Craig Andrews and Jeff Bell 06/30/2021
info_outline Faith Deconstruction: Craig Shares Experiences From his own Journey 05/28/2021
info_outline Sexual Abuse in the Church: An Interview with Survivor Keith Morris 04/27/2021
info_outline Trauma & Our Bodies: An Interview with Therapist Sarah Lewis 03/06/2021
info_outline LGBTQ+ Affirmation: An Interview with Trauma Therapist Sarah Lewis 12/11/2020
info_outline Finding Full LGBTQ+ Affirmation: A Conversation with Stan Mitchell 11/17/2020
info_outline Finding Full LGBTQ+ Affirmation: A Closer Look at Scripture 11/06/2020
info_outline Finding Full Affirmation: Our Journey to LGBTQ+ Inclusion 10/14/2020
info_outline Originally Sinful or Originally Blessed: What if We Have Thought About it Wrong All Along? 09/29/2020
info_outline Pandemic Life: We're Struggling Too! 09/22/2020
info_outline Mo's (my dad) Last Game Coaching at Apex 09/07/2020
info_outline Power & Position: Religious Leaders Should Use it for Good and Not Harm 08/16/2020
info_outline Amy's 7-12-2020 Oakmont Sermon - Patience: The Link Between Patience and Grace 08/12/2020
info_outline Amy's 6-21-2020 Oakmont Sermon - Intentional Love: The First Fruit of the Spirit 07/09/2020
info_outline Women in Ministry Part 2: Sharing Her Story - An Interview with Rev. Beth Thompson 06/16/2020
info_outline Women in Ministry Part 1: A Beautiful but Difficult Road 06/05/2020
info_outline Has Church Made 'Hearing God' More Difficult Than it Should Be? 05/27/2020
info_outline Backpacking Part 4: They Really Were Skinny Dipping and Other Funny Stories 05/19/2020
info_outline Backpacking Part 3: The Time Where Jeff Bell Swore He'd Never Go Back 05/12/2020
info_outline Backpacking Part 2: "My how the trip has changed!" 05/07/2020
info_outline Backpacking Part 1: It's a wonder we all came back alive! 05/01/2020
info_outline We're all in the weeds and that's ok! 04/28/2020
info_outline Jonah: A story of God's Love for Everyone 04/23/2020
info_outline Maybe Doubting Thomas should be called Normal Thomas? 04/20/2020
info_outline Jesus, Peter, Shame, Fishing & Comparison 04/16/2020
info_outline Easter Sunday: When Jesus was a stranger 04/12/2020
info_outline Coronavirus Frontlines: Interview with NYC Resident Ben Peery 04/10/2020
info_outline Passover & the Last Supper: How are they connected? 04/08/2020