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Fireside Chat with Travis McHenry

In this folksy, funny podcast, Travis McHenry delves into moments from his fabled life with help from his friends and even his mother! Interspecies genocide, sandwiches, jelly beans, underage drinking, time travel, the Civil War, raw hotdogs, cigars, and a live deaf beauty pageant; no show is without a surprise or two.

info_outline Episode 7 - Prank Calls With Pete Garrison 08/31/2016
info_outline Episode 6 - Live From New Orleans! 01/15/2016
info_outline Episode 5 - Tobacco and Time Travel 06/03/2015
info_outline Episode 4 - The Cooking Show 02/18/2015
info_outline Episode 3 - Drinking and Deaf Girls 02/05/2015
info_outline Episode 2 - Bullets and Beef 01/10/2015
info_outline Episode 1 - Friends and Flamethrowers 01/09/2015