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Battles of the First World War Podcast

The Battles of the First World War Podcast is a podcast that goes in-depth into the battles of the Great War of 1914-1918. The goal is to really go into the details of how and why these battles unfolded and happened as they did. In telling the narrative of these clashes we can revisit some of the stories of the men and women who lived, fought, and died during the first titanic struggle of the 20th Century, for these people have stories that deserve to be told.

info_outline AEF 2nd Corps, 27th & 30th Divisions with Historian Pat Gang 05/19/2024
info_outline Ann Hood’s “The Stolen Child:” A Short Review 05/05/2024
info_outline Tannenberg - Flank and Collision 05/01/2024
info_outline The New Ypres League with Roger Steward & Prof Mark Connelly 04/28/2024
info_outline A Review of “Pershing’s Tankers: Personal Accounts of the AEF Tank Corps in World War I,” edited by Lawrence M. Kaplan 04/14/2024
info_outline Tannenberg - Stallupönen and Gumbinnen 04/01/2024
info_outline Tannenberg - Eastern Promises 03/10/2024
info_outline Forgotten Veterans, Invisible Memorials, a Discussion with Dr. Allison Finkelstein 02/19/2024
info_outline The French Army in the First World War, a Discussion: Pt 4 02/01/2024
info_outline 2024 Meuse-Argonne Tour Dates are Here 01/12/2024
info_outline Fismes and Fismette - House to House in the Great War 12/18/2023
info_outline Support a Congressional Gold Medal for the WWI Hello Girls 12/08/2023
info_outline “The Hello Girls: America’s First Women Soldiers,” a Discussion with Elizabeth Cobbs 12/01/2023
info_outline “Bullets, Bandages and Beans:” A Talk on United States Army Logistics in France in World War I 11/19/2023
info_outline Meuse Argonne - An Oppressive Silence 11/05/2023
info_outline Sir Philip Gibbs: A Conversation with Clint Heacock 10/15/2023
info_outline Meuse Argonne - A Total D–k Move 10/01/2023
info_outline Forgotten Warriors: The US 7th Infantry at Belleau Wood 09/23/2023
info_outline Meuse Argonne - “We Can Kill Them But We Can’t Stop Them” 09/09/2023
info_outline Meuse Argonne - Continuous Pressure 08/21/2023
info_outline Meuse Argonne - Wings Over the Meuse 06/25/2023
info_outline The Wounded World: W.E.B. Du Bois and the First World War, a Discussion with Dr. Chad Williams 06/04/2023
info_outline The French Army in the First World War, a Discussion: Pt 3 05/14/2023
info_outline “The Darkest Year: The British Army on the Western Front 1917” - A Discussion 04/30/2023
info_outline Mount Kemmel - What It Means to Take a Trench 04/16/2023
info_outline The AEF 2nd Division in WW1: A Discussion with Steven Girard 04/02/2023
info_outline Arras - The Raid at Blangy 03/25/2023
info_outline The Great War Group with Alex Churchill & Beth Moore 03/15/2023
info_outline Meuse-Argonne - The German Army in October 1918: A Discussion with Randy Gaulke 03/05/2023
info_outline The French Army in the First World War, a Discussion: Pt 2 02/27/2023