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Food Marketing Nerds Restaurant and CPG Marketing Podcast

Food Marketing Nerds is an interview series with restaurant marketing experts, the best in CPG marketing, and entrepreneurs in the food and beverage industry. In this weekly podcast series, show host, Alex Oesterle, talks marketing, branding, and social media, diving into the hard and sometimes uncomfortable questions to uncover what's working and what isn't in world of food and beverage marketing. From CMO's to social media managers, the ideas and strategies will change the way you approach your CPG or restaurant marketing. If you're in the food and beverage space or intend to launch your own venture, these interviews are an amazing resource for practical tactics you can implement from day one. After co-founding a digital agency aimed at helping food and beverage brands boost sales to millennials, Alex started interviewing experts in the field to get insights into what makes the best food and beverage brands so successful. He created this podcast to share these interviews with you, and to help other food and beverage businesses achieve their goals in an actionable and entertaining way! Visit FoodMarketingNerds.com for show notes, interview transcripts, and free resources to help you achieve your restaurant marketing or CPG marketing goals.

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info_outline FMN 038: How Wendy's Rallied the World Around Free Nuggets with Brandon Rhoten 04/26/2017
info_outline FMN 037: How Suja Broke the Internet with Influencer Marketing with Katie Washburn 04/20/2017
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info_outline FMN 029: Thinking (and Growing) Like a Tech Company with Rich Hope 02/22/2017