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Four Color Story Time

Travel through time to when four colors, a fun story, and maybe a *gasp* was all we needed to keep coming back for more. each episode, I try to bring you the flavor of adventures from the Golden Age, Silver Age, and beyond... Let the games begin!

info_outline Episode 10 - Amazona the Mighty Woman, or Husky Like Kathleen Turner 11/14/2014
info_outline Episode 9 - Swamp Thing, or he Is Basically A Big Green Dude 10/30/2014
info_outline Episode 8 - Man-Thing! or In Retrospect I Don't Think Any Pages Were Missing 10/16/2014
info_outline Episode 7 - The Heap, or I Am Not Responsible For The Stereotypes We May Encounter 10/09/2014
info_outline Episode 6 - Duel To The Death With The Vulture, or Yes That Is A Cat In The Background 09/30/2014
info_outline Episode 5 - The Eagle Of Space, or How Do You Say Hello In Caveman? 09/25/2014
info_outline Episode 4 - Crime Calls The Killer Moth, or Sorry About The Raccoon 07/15/2014
info_outline Episode 3 - The Original Shield #3, or How Many Times Can I Say The Word "Shield" 07/07/2014
info_outline Episode 2 - Superman vs. Spider-man pt2, or Wow That Super Vision Really Comes In Handy 06/27/2014
info_outline Episode 1 - Superman vs Spider-Man pt1, or Drown Your Troubles 06/21/2014