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Free Birth Society

The Free Birth Podcast explores what it means to exercise our full autonomy as women during pregnancy, childbirth, and beyond. We now live in a global culture in which obstetrics has come to monopolize every aspect of birth. Epidemic rates of surgical birth, rampant trauma among women, and a deeply embedded resistance to the spontaneous process of birth have become normalized. Pregnancy is treated as an illness and childbirth is seen as an emergency from which women and babies need to be saved. Before doctors and even midwives were seen as the “experts”, there was just...birth. Women have been successfully birthing healthy babies for as long as human beings have walked the earth. The truth is that birth is a normal physiological event that rarely requires medical intervention. To freebirth is typically associated with the term “unassisted childbirth”, which means the woman is choosing to give birth without medical assistance and is managing her own care. The Free Birth podcast is a virtual corner of the universe dedicated to validating birth as our own, and celebrating the growing movement of women reclaiming birth as our own. Birth is not a medical event! Join us as we discuss legal and human rights in childbirth, investigate the different models of care, and hear from women around the world as they tell their stories of birthing freely. Our intention with this podcast is to uplift the voices of women who are making the decision to opt out of the default medical system. Freebirth isn’t for everyone. The Free Birth Podcast simply highlights the fact that freebirth is a viable option for many women, and that there is room in this world for every woman to exercise her own personal choice in birth.

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