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Full Service with Tank Smith

Stand up comedian & client Tank Smith talks sex work and interviews industry professionals. New episodes on Tuesdays! You can follow the podcast at @fullservicepod. You can follow Tank at @tankfunkadelic.

info_outline 111. A Look Back at 2021 12/30/2021
info_outline 110. Better Together with Jessie and PJ Sage 12/29/2021
info_outline 109. The End of an Era 12/21/2021
info_outline 108. Connection is Key with Sarah Dow 12/12/2021
info_outline 107. The Diversity of Why with Georgie Wolf 11/27/2021
info_outline 106. My Time as a Sugar Baby with Nadia (Patreon Only) 11/16/2021
info_outline 105. A Whole Different World with Cameron Jay 11/02/2021
info_outline 104. Looking Back at My Time in the Industry (Patreon Only) 10/19/2021
info_outline 103. Here I Am Now with Zuri Love 10/05/2021
info_outline 101. 1AM in Durham with El Blue 09/07/2021
info_outline 99. The One Before One Hundred 08/04/2021
info_outline 98. Kickin' It with Alexis (Patreon Only) 07/27/2021
info_outline 97. F*ck It, I'm Just Gonna Go Be a Stripper with Patricia 07/20/2021
info_outline 96. A Leap of Faith with Heather Riley 07/13/2021
info_outline 95. A Slow Roll with Mylette Charles 07/05/2021
info_outline 94. Professional Lover with Blythe Rex 06/29/2021
info_outline 93. Porn and Texas 06/22/2021
info_outline 92. An Aesthetic Life with Flora Sparks 06/15/2021
info_outline 91. Get That Cash In Your Hand with Samantha Skye 06/08/2021
info_outline 90. Working as a Driver 06/01/2021
info_outline 89. The Human Experience with Clover 05/25/2021
info_outline 88. You're Gonna Make It with Simone Solnsa 05/18/2021
info_outline 87. Naked Girl Therapy with Ayla Meretrice 05/11/2021
info_outline 86. Down with the Burrito with Sophia Soma 05/04/2021
info_outline 85. I'm a Human Being with Paige Savage 04/27/2021
info_outline 84. Riding a Wave with Audrey Marina 04/20/2021
info_outline 83. A Passion for Panty Selling with Dalma Rosa 04/13/2021
info_outline 82. Living the Fantasy an Hour at a Time with Ashlynn 04/06/2021
info_outline 81. I'll Just Do It All with Skylar Ryan 03/30/2021
info_outline 80. The Atlanta Spa Shootings 03/23/2021