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Jimmy Harding presents Game Changer Talks

Game Changer Talks features high-level business people sharing Game Changing strategies and insights to help you elevate your business to the next level. Tony Robbins says success leaves clues and proximety is power. Get proximity to people you may not other wise have access to and listen to success clues from high-level entrepreneurs like Joe Polish, Dan Sullivan, Mike Koenigs, Lewis Howes and many more that you can implement in your business. Learn more at JimmyHarding.com

info_outline GCT-028: Sohail Khan - Million Dollar JV Strategies 11/04/2014
info_outline GCT-027: Brandee Sweesy – Engage! Ignite! Expand! 10/28/2014
info_outline GCT-026: Michael Lush – Million Dollar Mortgage Secret 10/21/2014
info_outline GCT-025: Ted Miller III - Work On Your Business 10/14/2014
info_outline GCT-024: John Bowen – Pay Yourself First 10/07/2014
info_outline GCT-023: Mel H Abraham - Building a Legacy Business 09/30/2014
info_outline GCT-022: Lauren LeBlanc – From Idea To Empire 09/23/2014
info_outline GCT-021: Blake Templeton - Your Capacity Is The Key To Growth 09/16/2014
info_outline GCT-020: Dr. Dean Ornish - Improve Your Health, Life and Business 09/09/2014
info_outline GCT-019: Sandra Joseph - Baby Steps Lead To Big Success 09/02/2014
info_outline GCT-018: Ryan Levesque - The Survey Sales Funnel Expert 08/26/2014
info_outline GCT-017: Gene McNaughton – Explode Your Business By Integrating A Sales Force 08/19/2014
info_outline GCT-016: Clint Arthur – Building Your Brand with Local Television Appearances 08/12/2014
info_outline GCT-015: David Jensen – Your Team is Your Foundation! 08/05/2014
info_outline GCT014: Paul Colligan – Expand Your Reach and Authority with a “Talk Show” 07/29/2014
info_outline GCT-013: Brian Kurtz – Powerful Direct Marketing Strategies 07/22/2014
info_outline GCT-012: Mastering Health, Wealth, Mindset and Vitality in 7 Simple Steps with Dr. Linell King 07/15/2014
info_outline GCT-011: Denise Gosnell- Intellectual Property, Trademarks and Continuity in the Real World 07/08/2014
info_outline GCT-010: What it Takes to Become a Trusted Authority, Get Clarity on What You are Passionate About and Freedom Without Compromise with Greg Habstritt 07/01/2014
info_outline GCT-009: Tap the Wisdom of One of the Greatest Entrepreneurial and Marketing Minds on the Planet with Joe Polish 06/24/2014
info_outline GCT – 008: Kick Your Sales Into High Gear: Grassroots Sales Tools, Tactics and Strategies Driving Your Sales with Kevin Donahue 06/17/2014
info_outline GCT-007: Star of the Hit TV Series Restaurant Stakeout Talks about Success, Mindset and Hard Work with Willie Degel 06/10/2014
info_outline GCT-006: The 5 Essential Components of Every Business with Dan Kuschell 06/09/2014
info_outline GCT-005: Branding – What is it? And How to Do It Right? With Nick Nanton 06/05/2014
info_outline GCT-004: Jim Sheils – Success, Great Mentors, & Busy Entrepreneurs Connecting with Their Kids 06/04/2014
info_outline GCT-003: Insights From a Billion Dollar Serial Entrepreneur Ken Losch 05/31/2014
info_outline GCT-002: Pamela Yellen - Discover How to Protect Your Assets and Fire Your Banker 05/31/2014
info_outline GCT-001: Mike Koenigs - Expand Your Brand Platform with Ninja Digital Marketing Strategies 05/29/2014