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Gayest Episode Ever

Back in the day, a major sitcom doing a gay episode was a big deal. A proper gay episode would get headlines, but it would get the attention of two young guys who were still figuring things out — sexuality-wise and culture-wise. Gayest Episode Ever has screenwriter Glen Lakin and stay-at-home journalist Drew Mackie going through the great and not-so-great gay episodes of sitcoms past.

info_outline Cybill Befriends the Gay Waiter 03/03/2021
info_outline Interview: Demetrius Andre Bady 02/26/2021
info_outline Moesha Meets a Gay Guy 02/24/2021
info_outline Roseanne’s Friend Is a Lesbian (Later Bi) 02/17/2021
info_outline Phyllis Dates a Homo 02/10/2021
info_outline Patty Bouvier Has a Girlfriend + Every LGBT Joke on The Simpsons Ever 01/28/2021
info_outline Frasier Dates a Gay Guy 12/23/2020
info_outline Will & Jack Embrace Every Gay Stereotype 12/16/2020
info_outline A.C. Slater Was Gay for Zack Morris… for Five Seconds 12/09/2020
info_outline The Golden Girls Meet a Trans Man 11/25/2020
info_outline ALF Never Did a Gay Episode 11/18/2020
info_outline Spin City Stumps for Same-Sex Marriage 11/11/2020
info_outline Jennifer Slept Here Is a Little Gay Boy’s Fantasy 10/28/2020
info_outline It’s a Living Waits on a Trans Woman 10/21/2020
info_outline Penelope Alvarez Is the Mother of a Queer Teenager 10/14/2020
info_outline Julia Sugarbaker Dates a Possible Homosexual 10/07/2020
info_outline The Dream On Guy Has a Gay Dad 09/30/2020
info_outline Rachel Kisses a Lesbian 09/23/2020
info_outline Diane Chambers Revisited (An Episode That Glen Can Actually Listen To) 09/21/2020
info_outline Mike Seaver Actually Said the Word ‘Gay’ 09/16/2020
info_outline Norm Peterson Is Gay for Pay 09/09/2020
info_outline In the House Made RuPaul Play a Heterosexual 09/02/2020
info_outline Introducing the Shelley Longcast! 08/31/2020
info_outline Finch’s Buddy Is Trans 08/26/2020
info_outline Alice Dates a Homo 08/19/2020
info_outline Eric Forman’s New Buddy Is a Homo 08/12/2020
info_outline Trailer 2.0 08/08/2020
info_outline Superstore Is Queerer Than You Think 08/05/2020
info_outline Mr. Belvedere Discourages a Teen from Being Gay 07/29/2020
info_outline M*A*S*H Saves a Gay 07/15/2020