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Glamour & Gains

Welcome to the Glamour & Gains podcast; a fusion of beauty and fitness and everything in between. Everyone wants to be fit, healthy, and successful. I’m here to show you how! To help educate and inspire you to live a holistically healthy, fulfilling, balanced life, to smash your goals with real food, exercise, and cruelty-free beauty minus the BS. I’m your host Eve Dawes; fitness professional, WBFF Pro, founder of Dawes Custom Cosmetics & Fitness by Eve. Tune in every week for the latest episode of Glamour & Gains! Thanks for listening to Glamour & Gains. If you like our show please rate, review, subscribe, and share. I’m here to answer your questions; so follow, comment, or message me on Instagram @evedawes. Start putting your dreams into action, put in the work, and start living your best life. See you all on the gram! Produced by Dawes Custom Cosmetics: natural, cruelty-free, custom beauty products, for the kindest, most effective, and beautiful makeup.

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