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God Help the Troubadour: The Eternal Voice of Phil Ochs

Called “one of the greatest poets that ever lived” by Neil Young, singer-songwriter Phil Ochs has been sitting in the footnotes of musical history for the past half century. So, why make a podcast about a musician buried in relative obscurity since his untimely death in 1976? Simple. His songs could have been written a week ago. From his days as a “singing journalist” in the early sixties, to the experimental baroque-pop of “Pleasures of the Harbor”, to the seventies’ gold suit (a la Elvis Presley) rock & roll era, Phil bled into his music. Listen as we explore his music and its continued relevance, and ride the rollercoaster that is Phil’s life story, packed with drama, turmoil, and intrigue, about the troubadour who tried to be a star.

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