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Going For Broadway Podcast

Welcome to the Going For Broadway podcast with Eryn Woo. Each week Eryn chats with actors, directors, playwrights, talent agents, and many others who live their lives in, on, and around the stage. Eryn is a young performer who has acted and sung in many plays...and has dreams of reaching Broadway. Each day is another step closer to that goal. The Going for Broadway podcast shares their secrets so that you can learn from them and join Eryn on her journey toward Broadway!

info_outline 046- Being a Good Auditioner with Matt Burke 10/03/2017
info_outline 045- The Importance of Special Skills with Anna-Lee Wright 05/03/2017
info_outline 044- Keep On Keeping On With Julie Benko 07/28/2016
info_outline 043- More Than Just Being On Stage With Alison Ewing 03/16/2016
info_outline 042- The Importance Of Being A Triple Threat With Nathan Lucrezio 03/15/2016
info_outline 041- The Importance Of Going To School With Kristine Reese 03/07/2016
info_outline 040- Not Being Afraid With Shane Willimon 02/19/2016
info_outline 039- Being The Best Version Of Yourself With Natalie Wisdom 02/02/2016
info_outline 038- Learning Through A Variety Of Experiences With Christianne Tisdale 01/19/2016
info_outline 037- Defining The Difficulties Of An Actor With Kevin Carolan 12/28/2015
info_outline 036- Ways To Help Yourself Become More Employable With Beth Norris 12/07/2015
info_outline 035- How Important It Is To Branch Out To Different Fields With Nick Sullivan 11/30/2015
info_outline 034- Having Patience and Being Well Rounded with Andrew Cao 11/17/2015
info_outline 033- Always Looking Forward with Sean Seymour 11/06/2015
info_outline 032- Perfecting Your Craft Through Knowledge and Experience With Andrew Pastides 10/28/2015
info_outline 031- Growing Up And Building A Career In The Theatre With Sam McCalla 10/19/2015
info_outline 030- Understanding Your Own Ability and Discipline with Benjamin Jay Davis 10/13/2015
info_outline 029- Operatic vs. Musical Theatre Performing with Teri Dale Hansen 10/12/2015
info_outline 028- Viewing Acting From a Current Student's Point of View with Griffin Binnicker 10/09/2015
info_outline 027- The Funny and Awesome Quirks of Being a Working Actor with Broadway Up Close Owner Tim Dolan 10/07/2015
info_outline 026- The Acting Business Through the Eyes of an Experienced and Knowledgeable Teacher with Teri Parker Lewis 10/06/2015
info_outline 025- Doing Anything You Can For What You Love with Shay Brown 10/05/2015
info_outline 024- The Journey Towards Toruring Nationally and Trainingin Studios with Samuel Shurtleff 10/02/2015
info_outline 023- Experience and Learning Through Different Theatre Locations and Environments with Samuel Floyd 10/01/2015
info_outline 022- Viewing a Prodution From a Producer's Point of View with Sally Cade Holmes 09/28/2015
info_outline 021- Experiencing Different Training Programs for Preparation with JP McLaurin 09/24/2015
info_outline 020- The Life of a Working Film Actor with Kevin Sizemore 09/24/2015
info_outline 019- Being Able to Know What You Want from a Program with Emily Pate 09/23/2015
info_outline 018- Loving Your Job to the Greatest and Film Acting vs. Stage Acting with Rick Connor 09/21/2015
info_outline 017- Knowing that You ARE Good Enough and the Experiences of a Triple Threat with Jaycie Dotin 09/18/2015