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Gratitude Geek

Hosted by digital marketing pioneer, Kandas Rodarte, Gratitude Geek is weekly relationship marketing podcast for micropreneurs building genuine lasting relationships with clients, colleagues and community. Join our mission to spread gratitude, sow seeds of appreciation and harvest a bounty of generosity and kindness.

info_outline 209: Maribeth Decker Retired Naval Officer turned Animal Communicator 02/20/2024
info_outline 208: Beate Chelette talks Setting Things into Motion 02/13/2024
info_outline 207: Remembering Ann Fonfa, Advocate for Alternative Cancer Care (Classic) 02/06/2024
info_outline 206: Tommy Wyatt talks Developing a Magnetic Personality 01/30/2024
info_outline 205: Lisa Robbin Young talks Strong Energy 01/23/2024
info_outline 204: Dean Mercado talks Finding Your Way to Business Success 01/16/2024
info_outline 203: Anthony Poponi talks Bad Kimchi and New Years Resolutions 01/09/2024
info_outline 202: Phyllis Leavitt Explains Why America Needs Therapy 01/02/2024
info_outline 201: Curt Tueffert teaches Sales 12/26/2023
info_outline 200: Noah St. John explains How to Achieve Your Goals in 2024 12/19/2023
info_outline 199: What AJ Davis Learned from 100 Coffee Conversations 12/12/2023
info_outline 198: Emanuel Rose explains How to Sell to Gen Z 12/05/2023
info_outline 197: Krishna Avalon on Rewiring Your Brain 11/28/2023
info_outline 196: Paige Arnof-Fenn Understands Your Audience 11/21/2023
info_outline 195: Phebe Trotman Go Hard for Five 11/14/2023
info_outline 194: Tina Larsson on Building Success for Condo Associations 11/07/2023
info_outline 193: Kevin O'Connor from Grief to Legacy 10/31/2023
info_outline 192: Quantum Energy Transformation Healing Mind, Body, and Spirit featuring Joshua Bloom 10/24/2023
info_outline 191: Leonard Scheiner explains Edutainment Marketing 10/17/2023
info_outline 190: Theresa Rose Sells on Cocktail Napkins 10/10/2023
info_outline 189: Rachel Allen is Stupid Lucky 10/03/2023
info_outline 188: Darleen Priday Empathetic Selling 09/26/2023
info_outline Practical Steps for Stress Management e-Book 09/24/2023
info_outline 187: Publicity Expert Jill Lublin on the Ripple Effect of Kindness 09/19/2023
info_outline 186: Larry Wilson on Talking to Humans 09/12/2023
info_outline 185: Matthew Brackett Seeing Ourselves through the Lens of Others 09/05/2023
info_outline 184: Ilene Marcus Serving Your Future Self 08/29/2023
info_outline 183: Craig Andrews on Dating Your Clients 08/22/2023
info_outline 182: Donna Tashjian Unpacking Emotional Baggage 08/15/2023
info_outline 181: R. Scott Edwards Laughs and Lessons from a Lifetime of Comedy Entrepreneurship 08/08/2023