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Green Dreamer: Seeding change towards collective healing, sustainability, regeneration

Green Dreamer is a community-supported, in(ter)dependent podcast exploring our paths to collective healing, biocultural revitalization, and true abundance and wellness *for all*. Curious to unravel the dominant narratives that stunt our imaginations and called to spark radical dreaming of what could be, we share conversations with an ever-expanding range of thought leaders — each inspiring us to deepen and broaden our awareness in their own ways. Together, let's learn what it takes to thrive — in every sense of the word.

info_outline 408) Siv Watkins: Intimacy with the microbial world 09/28/2023
info_outline 407) Patricia Kaishan: Lessons from fungi as queer companions 09/14/2023
info_outline 406) Eshe Lewis: Black anthropology and streamlining storytelling 08/25/2023
info_outline 405) Lama Khatieb: Reclaiming local knowledge for food interdependence 08/10/2023
info_outline 404) Danel Ruiz-Serna: Living territories and the ecological violence of war 07/27/2023
info_outline 403) Chanda Prescod-Weinstein: The political questions of science and technology 07/14/2023
info_outline 402) Aparna Venkatesan: Protecting space as ancestral global commons 06/29/2023
info_outline 401) Melissa K. Nelson: Living in storied and moral landscapes 06/17/2023
info_outline THANK YOU & WHAT'S NEXT... 06/05/2023
info_outline 400) Anand Giridharadas: Expanding empathy and breaking political binaries 05/22/2023
info_outline 399) Vince Beiser: The global sand trade and how it remade 'modernity' 05/12/2023
info_outline 398) Helena Norberg-Hodge: Artisanal futures and economics of happiness 05/05/2023
info_outline 397) Rosamund Portus: A preemptive mourning of bee decline 04/28/2023
info_outline 396) Staci K. Haines: Somatics for trauma healing and transformative justice 04/20/2023
info_outline 395) Andreas Weber: The ecological dimension of love 04/13/2023
info_outline 394) Vijay Prashad: Reviving collective life and scaling small gestures of care 04/06/2023
info_outline 393) James Bridle: Artificial intelligence and the fallacy of a computerizable world 03/30/2023
info_outline 392) Eben Kirksey: Boundless entanglements with the virosphere 03/23/2023
info_outline 391) Enrique Salmón: Ancestral foodways that enrich local landscapes 03/16/2023
info_outline 390) Rosetta S. Elkin: Troubling mass tree-planting and afforestation 03/01/2023
info_outline 389) Dany Celermajer: Multispecies justice and more-than-human entanglements 02/22/2023
info_outline 388) Daniel Immerwahr: Empire remade in form through technology 02/15/2023
info_outline 387) shakara tyler: Black farming as joyous, victorious, glorious 02/08/2023
info_outline 386) Jen Telesca: The managed extinction of the giant bluefin tuna 02/01/2023
info_outline 385) Thom van Dooren: The evolving cultures of the more-than-human world 12/20/2022
info_outline 384) Rebecca Giggs: The world as reflected in the whale 12/13/2022
info_outline 383) Gabes Torres: Re-rooting therapy and re-membering community 12/06/2022
info_outline 382) Min Hyoung Song: From everyday denial to everyday attention 11/22/2022
info_outline 381) Stacy Alaimo: Our bodies are the Anthropocene 11/16/2022
info_outline 380) Loren Cardeli: Who really feeds the world? 11/09/2022