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Handmade CEO Podcast

What does it take for you to start your own small business? Where can you gather inspiration and information to get you started on the right foot? Can you make a living from selling handmade items? I've spent 10 years as an artist, maker, and marketer, and currently spend most of my time as the Founder and CEO of Happening Hands, a membership community for makers where we help them grow thriving, profitable businesses. Every Wednesday, you'll hear from Handmade CEOs and industry experts. These guests will share their personal stories, insider tips, and special offers with you. I'm committed to sharing all there is to know to help you get from point A to point B in your handmade business with the least amount of obstacles! The mission of this podcast, originally founded by Maria Laurin (host for episodes 1-133), is to teach and inspire you to take action, and start handcrafting your dreams! For show notes and links: https://handmadeceo.com/

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