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The #HCBiz Show!

A practical podcast on the business of healthcare w/ hosts Don Lee and Shahid Shah. The premise behind #HCBiz is that we can't "just innovate". Sure, you may have a great idea, an all-star team and execute flawlessly, but if you don't understand the complex dynamics of the healthcare business you'll never get traction. We'll identify the issues that impede change, explain why they exist and find ways to work with them, through them, or around them. In short, we'll help you create space for innovation in healthcare through technology (HealthIT/HIT) and workflow. We'll also explore health policy, administration and the psychology behind it all. Finally, we help you align your ideas to business incentives, market them to healthcare leaders and get the sale. Check out all our podcasts, videos and blog posts here: http://thehcbiz.com/ Get our weekly newsletter: http://bit.ly/HCBizSignup Produced by Glide Health IT LLC in partnership with Netspective Media.

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