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High Crime Pod

Where there's smoke... there's true crime. Hi, we’re Kayla and Helayne! And we like true crime. And weed. We're fans of weed. Look, we all have anxiety, among other health and mental health issues, and who's to judge what helps you get through this trippy, wild thing we call life, right? For us, weed is medicine, and honestly, it can help you chill tf out and chat about one of your favorite (and yet, macabre) topics without going into a full, anxious meltdown and googling how expensive retractable steel covers for windows are. So whether you smoke or not, join us on this wild ride through murder, mysteries, and maybe even some supernatural goodies. We know it's a dark topic, but don't worry, we'll make you laugh, too. They seem kind of like mutually exclusive topics - true crime and comedy. But who doesn't love a good comedic relief? We know we do -- and we hope to be that for you. Well, hope to chat with you soon. Email [email protected] to share your true crime stories, questions, comments, concerns, or even your favorite way to indulge in the devil's lettuce. Later, buds!

info_outline A Christmas Quickie 01/04/2021
info_outline 47. It's That Baby Shoe! 11/12/2020
info_outline 46. "Don't Like That" 10/22/2020
info_outline 45. Founder Of Cheese (& Kayla Does a Q&A) 07/26/2020
info_outline 44. Happy Anything But Fourth Of July 07/04/2020
info_outline 43. I'm Just The Bell Girl 05/24/2020
info_outline 42. Just Some Tough Guy Rats 05/16/2020
info_outline 41. Olivia Would Never 05/10/2020
info_outline 40. 420 PART TWO: An Important Conversation With Last Prisoner Project 04/26/2020
info_outline 39. Mom, Don't Wire Fraud! 04/21/2020
info_outline 38. The Bones Will Still Be There 04/06/2020
info_outline 37. QUARANTINE VIEWING: WATCH 'THE HUNT' WITH US! 03/26/2020
info_outline 36. Coffees Are for Mornings and Contemplation 03/22/2020
info_outline 35. Sponsored By Chloroform 03/12/2020
info_outline 34. Thanks, It's The Mucus 02/26/2020
info_outline 33. The Hart Family Tragedy 02/12/2020
info_outline 32. Murder on a Dime 01/29/2020
info_outline 31. The Indigestion Twenties 01/19/2020
info_outline 30. It All Started With An Empty Tank Of Gas 01/07/2020
info_outline 29. This Great Gremlins-y Vibe 12/31/2019
info_outline 28. Adventures at the OG Cannabis Cafe 12/20/2019
info_outline 27. Marry Me, B*tch! 12/04/2019
info_outline 26. Danksgiving 11/27/2019
info_outline 25. Drop Out, Tune In 11/20/2019
info_outline 24. The Murder of Betsy Faria, Part 2 11/13/2019
info_outline 23. The One With Kayla's Mom 11/07/2019
info_outline 22. Putting The Cute In Exe-cute-ion 11/01/2019
info_outline High Crime Trailer 11/01/2019
info_outline 21. Let's Talk About Body Image (And Other Urban Legends) 10/28/2019
info_outline 20. The Queen Mary Special 09/25/2019