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History and Folklore Podcast

Looking at folklore through history to understand people's perceptions of nature through time.

info_outline Graveyards 01/27/2022
info_outline Yule Creatures 12/26/2021
info_outline Alchemy 11/28/2021
info_outline Fog 10/22/2021
info_outline Hallowe'en Bonus Episode: The Wild Hunt 10/17/2021
info_outline Vampires 09/19/2021
info_outline Oak Trees 08/19/2021
info_outline Spinning and Weaving 07/18/2021
info_outline The Northern Lights 06/13/2021
info_outline Medieval Maps and Monsters 05/12/2021
info_outline Mining Folklore 04/12/2021
info_outline Yew Folklore 03/13/2021
info_outline Trolls 02/11/2021
info_outline Changelings 10/13/2020
info_outline Bonus Episode: Folk-a-pa-lore-za (part 2) 09/07/2020
info_outline Bonus Episode: Folk-a-pa-lore-za (part 1) 08/31/2020
info_outline Seaweed 08/19/2020
info_outline The Colours of Medieval England 08/04/2020
info_outline Origins of Household Spirits 07/21/2020
info_outline 'Telling the Bees' Interview with Mark Norman 07/07/2020
info_outline Selkies 06/24/2020
info_outline Hawthorn Folklore 05/27/2020
info_outline Medieval Wolves 05/13/2020
info_outline Anglo-Saxon Elf Charms 05/03/2020