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Hygiene Superstar Podcast

Dental Hygienists and prevented minded Dentists are the real heroes in the fight against chronic inflammatory diseases. Dr Mike Czubiak and Dr Tom Larkin explore the mouth-body connection and talk about implementable strategies that will help your patients live a happier, healthier life.

info_outline S02:E0:3 The Mouth/COVID Connection 09/07/2020
info_outline S:02E:02 Coronavirus: Lessons Already Learned 03/21/2020
info_outline S:02E:01 Dental Hygienists help fight off the Coronavirus 03/11/2020
info_outline S:01E:09 The Magic Number of Recare Intervals 07/30/2019
info_outline S:01E:08 Love Goes Out to Our Heart Attack Risk Reducers 06/30/2019
info_outline S:01E:07 Mouthwash: Listen, Rinse and Spit 05/26/2019
info_outline S:01E:06 Is Perio Protect in your Bag of Tricks? 05/05/2019
info_outline S:01E:05 Laser Focused on the Oral Systemic Connection 04/09/2019
info_outline S:01E:04 Dr Mike doesn't Floss 03/24/2019
info_outline S:01E:03 Finding the root cause of the Root Cause Documentary 03/04/2019
info_outline S:01E:02 Alzheimer's Disease and our unforgettable foe- P. gingivalis 02/16/2019
info_outline S:01E:01 The battle for great health has found you. Yes, you the Dental Hygienist are the solution to our healthcare crisis. 02/10/2019