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I Am Interchange

I Am Interchange is fostering curiosity, education, and empathy through thought-provoking discourse.

info_outline Women Moving Markets 02/13/2024
info_outline The Power of Listening 01/26/2024
info_outline The Thrumming, Thumping Heart of the Planet 12/30/2023
info_outline Stem Cells & Cognition 11/27/2023
info_outline The Power of Feminine 10/30/2023
info_outline A New Social Contract 09/22/2023
info_outline Transformational Troubadour 07/29/2023
info_outline Floating Down the Spine of the Earth 06/28/2023
info_outline Finance & Activism 05/30/2023
info_outline Decentralization 04/28/2023
info_outline Systems Change 03/28/2023
info_outline Regenerative Community 02/24/2023
info_outline A COP Half Full 01/24/2023
info_outline FreeFlow 10/17/2022
info_outline The Internet of Internets 09/28/2022
info_outline Ocean Health = Planet Health 08/29/2022
info_outline The NextGen of Systems Change 07/28/2022
info_outline Systems Change in Education 06/25/2022
info_outline Bridging the Wealth Gap 05/24/2022
info_outline Regenerative Agriculture 04/06/2022
info_outline Rethinking Philanthropy 03/08/2022
info_outline The Future of Education 02/06/2022
info_outline Reconciliation Chapter 2 12/27/2021
info_outline Ivy MacDonald 11/15/2021
info_outline Henry Kriegel 10/29/2021
info_outline Terry Bradley 10/07/2021
info_outline Billy McWilliams 09/03/2021
info_outline Last Best Comedy 07/30/2021
info_outline Eddie Hemingway 06/29/2021
info_outline Conrad Anker & Wilmot Collins- Reconciliation Chapter 1 05/29/2021