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Chris Gardner & Jordan Bateman of the Independent Contractors and Businesses Association (ICBA) talk British Columbia politics and news from a free enterprise, fiscal conservative point of view. With special emphasis on how government decisions affect the construction industry and responsible resource development in B.C.

info_outline Traffic's Back (Horgan's Parking Lot) 09/13/2019
info_outline ICBA CAST: Grading John Horgan's Cabinet 08/13/2019
info_outline ICBA CONVERSATION: Jas Johal on Massey, LNG, Electric Vehicles, Climate Change and more 07/16/2019
info_outline ICBA CONVERSATION: Todd Doherty on energy, economy, climate, forestry & Andrew Scheer 06/26/2019
info_outline ICBA CAST: TransMountain Gets to YES! 06/18/2019
info_outline ICBA CAST: Horgan & Eby Get Crushed in Court 05/24/2019
info_outline ICBA CAST: Labour Code, Employment Standards, Housing Starts, Oil War 05/01/2019
info_outline ICBA CAST: Kenney, Katy, C-69, Steel, Lake, PLAs, Mueller 04/23/2019
info_outline ICBA CAST: Kenney v. Horgan; Scheer Enthusiasm; PeteMania 04/15/2019
info_outline ICBA CAST: PLAs, Jody Wilson Raybould & Winter's Arrival 03/01/2019
info_outline ICBA's Jordan Bateman on the 2019 BC Budget 02/20/2019
info_outline ICBA CAST: Chris & Jordan Catch Up on All the #BCPoli News 01/28/2019
info_outline From TheOrca.ca: Chris Gardner with Rick Cluff 01/17/2019
info_outline ICBA CAST: Prop Rep, Power 50 and PLAs 11/13/2018
info_outline Play -20:19 Additional Visual SettingsHD Enter Watch And ScrollEnter Fullscreen Mute Share commentComment Like Close ICBA CONVERSATIONS: Kevin Falcon talks affordability, trade and yes LNG 10/02/2018
info_outline OFF THE CLUFF - ICBA's Chris Gardner Talks LNG and Trade with The Orca's Rick Cluff 10/02/2018
info_outline ICBA CONVERSATION: Rich Coleman and Jordan Bateman 09/14/2018
info_outline ICBA CAST: The End of a Rough Summer for the BC Economy 09/06/2018
info_outline ICBA CONVERSATION: Horganomics Radio with Kris Sims & Jordan Bateman 08/14/2018
info_outline ICBA CONVERSATION: Jordan Bateman, Candice Bergen and Dean Allison 08/07/2018
info_outline ICBA CONVERSATION: Political Hotstove with Maclean Kay & Jordan Bateman 07/19/2018
info_outline ICBA CAST: Taxes, LNG, TMX, Economy & Prop Rep 07/12/2018
info_outline ICBA CONVERSATION: Shinder Purewal and Jordan Bateman 07/03/2018
info_outline ICBA CAST: Big Gas Taxes & Stop Prop Rep 06/29/2018
info_outline ICBA CAST: Spec Tax, Prop Rep and those Rich Coleman Rumours 06/22/2018
info_outline Ontari-OMG! 06/08/2018
info_outline ICBA CONVERSATION: The King in the North (of B.C.) 06/07/2018
info_outline ICBA CAST: Phil and Jordan talk Kinder Morgan Nationalization 06/01/2018
info_outline ICBA BONUS CAST: You, me, all Canadians are now basically JR Ewing 05/29/2018
info_outline ICBA CAST: Jas Johal & Jordan Bateman talk #BuildKM, payroll tax, coffee & North Korea 05/24/2018