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ICU Fellowship PrepCast

This podcast series is created for Intensive care trainees who are appearing for their final fellowship exam. The idea is to discuss different vivas asked in previous College of Intensive Care exams. However, this series will be useful for all healthcare professionals working in Intensive care to sharpen their critical thinking.

info_outline # Epi 5 - Fellowship Vivas - Submassive PE, Esophageal Perforation & Malaria 09/19/2021
info_outline # Epi 4 - Hot Cases - How to Approach a Neuro Hot Case? 09/05/2021
info_outline # Epi 3 - Fellowship Vivas - SAH, LA toxicity and Difficult Airway 08/20/2021
info_outline # Epi 2 - Hot Cases - How to Approach Hot Case? 08/06/2021
info_outline # Epi 1 - Vivas - MH, Failed Extubation and Pancreatitis 07/24/2021