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Industrial IoT Spotlight

The IIoT Spotlight Podcast shines a light on Industrial IoT solutions that are impacting businesses today. Every week, we interview an expert about IoT markets, technologies, or use cases. Our goal is to provide insight into the planning and implementation of IIoT systems, from new business models to technology architecture selection to data ownership and security. The IIoT Spotlight is produced by IoT ONE, an information platform that provides market insight, partner development, and go-to-market support for technology providers, end users, and investors. Don't forget to follow us on twitter @iotonehq or visit our website at www.iotone.com. You can contact me directly at [email protected]

info_outline EP 105 - The Present and Future of Conversational AI - Joe Bradley, Chief Scientist, LivePerson 10/15/2021
info_outline EP 104 - Predictive algorithms for aging gracefully - Dr. Hugh Rashid, Managing Director, Xavor 10/08/2021
info_outline EP 103 - Port to port supply chain visibility - Don Miller, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Globe Tracker 10/01/2021
info_outline EP 102 - Leverage "China speed" for digital innovation - Joerg Storm, CIO of Service and Parts, Mercedes Benz 09/24/2021
info_outline EP 101 - How to Build a Successful Corporate Startup - Markus Anding, Managing Partner, Excubate 09/03/2021
info_outline EP 100 - Bringing LoRaWAN global with next generation satellites - Rémi Lorrain, LoRaWAN Networks Director, Semtech 08/27/2021
info_outline EP 099 - The battery free Internet of Things - Srinivas Pattamatta, VP Business Development, Atmosic 08/13/2021
info_outline EP 098 - Updates from the IoT & Edge Commercial Adoption Survey - Frederic Desbiens, Program Manager, The Eclipse Foundation 08/06/2021
info_outline EP 097 - Integrating IoT connectivity and device management - Ed Hemphill, Head of Ecosystems, Pelion 07/30/2021
info_outline EP 096 - Edge computing for space logistics, Luca Rossettini, CEO, D-Orbit 07/23/2021
info_outline EP 095 - iSIM for connected device secure identity - Vincent Korstanje, CEO Kigen 07/16/2021
info_outline EP 094 - Next-generation Bluetooth for IoT devices - Mohammad Afaneh, Bluetooth Developer Advocate at Bluetooth SIG 07/09/2021
info_outline EP-093 - Enabling machine vision on the edge - Orr Dannon CEO, Hailo 07/02/2021
info_outline EP - 092 - The importance of low code platforms - Lucas Funes & Cecilia Flores, CEO & COO of Webee 06/21/2021
info_outline EP 091 - Manage your IoT cybersecurity landscape - Gabe Gumbs, Chief Innovation Officer, Spirion 06/08/2021
info_outline EP 090 - Optimize critical machines performance - Jeremy Frank, CEO, KCF Technologies 05/27/2021
info_outline EP 089 - Radically simplify IoT development - Rob Rastovich, CTO, ThingLogix 05/20/2021
info_outline EP 088 - The next generation of location-based tracking - Tom Ruth, VP, Quuppa 05/14/2021
info_outline EP 087 - Enabling IoT with long range low power connectivity - Alistair Fulton, VP & GM, Semtech 05/11/2021
info_outline EP 086 - End-to-end smart factory design - Thomas Rohrbach, Co-Founder, Staufen Neonex 04/29/2021
info_outline EP 085 - IIoT product design and development - Mitch Maiman, President, Intelligent Product Solutions 04/19/2021
info_outline EP 084 - Enterprise wireless network convergence and IoT innovation - Rick Hall, CEO, Aginity 04/12/2021
info_outline EP 083 - Smart cities with 5G - Sanjeet Pandit, Head of Smart Cities, Qualcomm 04/07/2021
info_outline EP 082 - Managing post COVID-19 cybersecurity threats - Eric Cole, CEO, Secure Anchor Consulting 03/08/2021
info_outline EP 081 - Enterprise wireless network convergence and IoT innovation - Daniel Quant, VP Strategic Development, Multitech Systems 03/01/2021
info_outline EP 080 - Industrial edge computing - Chuck Byers, Associate CTO, IIC 01/22/2021
info_outline EP 079 - Buildings are the world’s most complex systems - Troy Harvey, CEO, Passive Logic 01/12/2021
info_outline EP 078 - Designing cybersecurity for IoT - Ellen Boehm, Senior Director of IoT Product Management, Keyfactor 01/05/2021
info_outline EP077 - Hard tech accelerators for manufacturing hardware innovations - Thierry van Landegem, Executive Director, mHub Chicago. 12/11/2020
info_outline EP076 - Dynamic optimization of air factory compressors - Aviran Yaacov, CEO, Ecoplant 12/01/2020