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I Love This Podcast

This is a podcast I've created to talk about all the things I love. Music, movies, books TV shows, people, whatever! If I like it, guaranteed I'll talk about it. As the show progresses I'll add specialty episodes, like, an episode where a friend and I discuss a book we've read that week, that we want to talk about, and maybe play a game. I will also try to have some interview episodes where I interview an author, musician, or just about anyone that's more noteworthy than I. I really hope you guys enjoy this podcast as it will be a learning experience for me. Thanks for listening!

info_outline Dissecting "A Head Full of Ghosts" With Paul Tremblay 10/18/2019
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info_outline #04 Love It or Hate It- The Outsider by Stephen King (Review) 06/07/2018
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info_outline #01 Love it or Hate It- "Avengers: Infinity War" Review 05/04/2018