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I Love You, Mana

Mike Lester, Zach Kagan, Tor Uggen, and Micah (aka Belly) are four pals with varying degrees of experience in stand up comedy and fantasy card games. In I Love You Mana, they discuss Magic: The Gathering and its surrounding culture in a manner accessible to almost anyone, with a level of accuracy that will leave pedants with plenty to correct them on.

info_outline Core Value Propositions & Battle for Baldur's Gate Spoilers 05/19/2022
info_outline Street Rats Off To You 05/13/2022
info_outline Return to Orbsah | Escape from Uncy Joe's Hamburger Store (Pt.2) 05/05/2022
info_outline Plating 04/28/2022
info_outline Return to Orbsah | Escape from Uncy Joe’s Hamburger Store (Pt.1) 04/21/2022
info_outline I Love You, Erik Kollasch 04/14/2022
info_outline March Magics Pt. VI - The Finals 04/08/2022
info_outline March Magics Pt. V - Purgatory 03/31/2022
info_outline March Magics Pt. IV - The End of Mankind 03/24/2022
info_outline March Magics Pt. III - Walk Through The Valley of The Shadow of Death 03/17/2022
info_outline March Magics Pt. II - The Grand Tourney Begins 03/11/2022
info_outline March Magics Pt. I - Bracket Reveal 03/04/2022
info_outline Content Warning 02/25/2022
info_outline I Love You, Neel Ghosh 02/17/2022
info_outline Neon Dynasty Snake Draft 02/10/2022
info_outline Going Viral w/ Social Media Dr. Aaron Isaacs 02/03/2022
info_outline The Oopsie Poopsies (We Look at Kamigawa:Neon Dynasty Art) 01/28/2022
info_outline I Love You, Herby 01/20/2022
info_outline MTG STONKS pt.III | 2021 Year-in-review & 2022 Forecasting 01/13/2022
info_outline The 2021 Swampies // 2022 Vision Boarding 01/06/2022
info_outline Ricky Ramen's Holiday Clipmas Show 12/25/2021
info_outline Baneposting 12/23/2021
info_outline Extinction Event 12/16/2021
info_outline I Love You, Dmoon 12/09/2021
info_outline Unfinite Jest 12/02/2021
info_outline Ricky Ramen's Pidsgiving Clip Show ft. Zach Kagan's Trip to MTG Las Vegas 11/25/2021
info_outline Ghosted for Playing Gruul 11/18/2021
info_outline Law & Order: Salt Court 11/11/2021
info_outline Pid Game 11/05/2021
info_outline I'm Gonna Have Five Pieces of Cake 10/28/2021