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Prosperity Indiana's Ways and Means

A regularly updated podcast for the network of people and organizations in the nonprofit, public and private sectors that build resilient families and vibrant communities. This podcast features strategies and pathways to strengthen our Hoosier communities together.

info_outline Member Highlight – Hearts & Hands of Indiana 12/14/2017
info_outline Inclusive Growth: Addressing a Two-Sided Economy 12/01/2017
info_outline Starting Early for Long-Term Success 11/09/2017
info_outline Strengthening Communities with Quality Services 10/26/2017
info_outline Connecting to Advance a Common Cause 10/12/2017
info_outline Closing the Wealth Gap 09/28/2017
info_outline Learning the Deepest Truth of Who You Are 09/14/2017
info_outline Climate Change and Resilient Indiana Communities 08/24/2017
info_outline Collectively Envisioning Our Future 08/10/2017
info_outline Living Local for Stronger Communities 07/28/2017
info_outline Solar Uniting Neighbors (SUN): How to Apply for SUN Funding 07/05/2017
info_outline Tactical Urbanism: Lighter, Quicker, Cheaper Placemaking Solutions 06/29/2017
info_outline Transportation Planning for Community Health 06/22/2017
info_outline Culture and Art Create for the Community 05/25/2017
info_outline Unearth Your Community's Creative Assets 05/10/2017
info_outline Empowering Communities and Individuals Through Cooperatives 04/27/2017
info_outline Building Healthy Neighborhoods through Business Diversity 04/11/2017
info_outline 2017 Mid-Session Policy Update 03/22/2017
info_outline Achieving Vision: Breaking the Dream Down into Doable Pieces 02/24/2017
info_outline Storytelling: Sharing our Individual and Collective Stories 02/23/2017
info_outline 2017 Statehouse Day Recap 02/08/2017
info_outline Ben Carson's Confirmation Hearing Debrief 01/27/2017
info_outline IACED Member Engagement in Advocacy 07/13/2016
info_outline IACED 2016 Indiana Legislative Roundup 07/13/2016