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Influence Marketing Podcast: B2B influencer, advocacy, and community marketing

The Influence Marketing Podcast discusses influencer marketing, advocacy marketing, and community marketing in B2B companies. The Influence Marketing Podcast is brought to you by the Influence Marketing Council. Hosts: John Mark Troyer and Kathleen Nelson Troyer.

info_outline Taking Ideas and Bringing them to Life | Gregarious Narain — EP019 05/09/2018
info_outline Protecting customers in a client-server world | Doc Searls — EP019 04/05/2018
info_outline Connecting Community Back with Business | Amy Lewis and Matt Broberg of The Geek Whisperers — EP018 01/20/2018
info_outline The Value of Authenticity in User Groups— EP017 12/13/2017
info_outline The data is out there: Marshall Kirkpatrick and the science of influencers— EP016 11/17/2017
info_outline Combining the personal and professional in business | John and Kathleen Troyer — EP015 11/03/2017
info_outline Building a Healthy Community with Matt Broberg — EP014 10/24/2017
info_outline A Program for the Participants | Eric Nielsen of VMware — EP013 10/17/2017
info_outline They Call it Evangelist for a Reason | Eric Wright at Turbonomic — EP012 10/02/2017
info_outline Participating, Listening, and Making it Safe for Both Sides | Perrine Crampton with Citrix 09/01/2017
info_outline The Future of Marketing Is Influencer Marketing: Francine Hardaway — EP010 08/26/2017
info_outline Going Internally Berserk with Excitement: Mark Browne of Dell EMC — EP009 08/17/2017
info_outline Striving To Continually Be Great Open Source Citizens: Jonas Rosland at {code} by Dell EMC— EP008 08/10/2017
info_outline Advocating for the Advocates, featuring Sam Moulton of The NetApp A-Team— EP007 08/03/2017
info_outline Connecting and Expanding through Open Source Collaboration — Chris Aniszczyk EP006 07/26/2017
info_outline Building Momentum with the Docker Captains, featuring Jenny Burcio and Victor Coisne — EP005 07/19/2017
info_outline Elevating Through Helping and Supporting: Chronicles of the Nutanix Technology Champions with Angelo Luciani — EP004 06/27/2017
info_outline With Great Passion Comes Great Responsibility, featuring the Splunk Trust with Eric Grant— EP003 06/20/2017
info_outline Building Your Enterprise Tribe, featuring the SAP Mentors story with Mark Finnern — EP002 06/12/2017
info_outline The Rickatron is Always On! A talk with Rick Vanover from Veeam Software and Veeam Vanguard Program EP001 06/01/2017