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In It ForEVER | Helping Businesses Grow Through Events and Membership Programs

Dan and Nicole Ratner are a power couple in the association world leading organizations to achieve record growth in membership and plan highly efficient events over their 36 combined years in the industry. After climbing to the highest levels of leadership in multiple organizations, they both made the unusual choice to step off the corporate ladder and put family first. Throughout this podcast, you’ll hear how they help non-profit and for-profit businesses move from incremental growth to exponential growth, from passive customer relations to active customer relationships, and from surviving to thriving. They’ve introduced a unique business model called the In It ForEVER™ Principle that emerges from the belief that members/attendees/customers are in it for…a quality positive Experience, ever-increasing Value, intentional Engagement, and consistent and reliable Relevance. The show includes a mix of discussions, interviews, and education focused on topics, such as, event planning, meeting planning, membership development, member retention, member engagement, value proposition development, marketing, direct sales, selling, strategic planning, managing a governing board, customer service, vendor and provider relations, and curating and cultivating partnerships. As independent entrepreneurs growing their own small business (The Next Steps, LLC), listeners will also get a glimpse into the challenges and struggles they face managing their family and business together.

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