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inRelationship Podcast

We believe the best things in life happen in Relationships. Join us as we dive into discussions with therapists on how to have healthy relationships with ourselves, God and others. Licensed marriage and family therapists, Lindsey Castleman, Aron Strong and Mariam Coaster guide you through these conversations.

info_outline Episode 27 Co-Parenting How-To's 3 04/02/2024
info_outline Episode 26 Co-Parenting How-To's 2 09/10/2023
info_outline Episode 25: Co-Parenting How-To's with Jay and Tammy Daughtry 08/06/2022
info_outline Episode 24: What is Empathy? Part 2 with special guest Dr Cindy Goodness Zane 04/26/2022
info_outline Episode 23: What is Empathy? With special guest Dr Cindy Goodness Zane 04/04/2022
info_outline Mom's Raising Sons with Special Guest Dr Meg Meeker 01/15/2022
info_outline Season 2 Episode 21: Dads and their Daughters 05/08/2021
info_outline Season 2 Episode 20: What All Dads Need To Know with Dr Meg Meeker 03/13/2021
info_outline Season 2, Episode 19: How Connection Rewires the Brain with Dr. Curt Thompson 01/05/2021
info_outline Season 2 Episode 18: Practical Neuroscience Tips to Overcome Trauma with Special Guest Curt Thompson 11/04/2020
info_outline Season 2 Episode 17: How Being Known Can Lead to Healing with Special Guest Dr. Curt Thompson 09/25/2020
info_outline Season 2 Episode 16: Faith, Neuroscience and the Power of Repair with Special Guest Dr. Curt Thompson 08/26/2020
info_outline Season 2 Episode 15 Trauma and the Brain with Special Guest Alice Stricklin, LMFT 06/09/2020
info_outline Season 2: Episode 14: What is Trauma and How it Affects You Today with Special Guest Alice Stricklin, LMFT 05/15/2020
info_outline 02.13 When the One You Love Wants to Leave with Special Guest Dr. Don Harvey 02/05/2020
info_outline Season 2: Episode 12: Building a Better Relationship with Money with Special Guest Rachel Cruze 12/29/2019
info_outline Season 2, Episode 11: What Research Says About Marriage with Special Guest Kenny Sanderfer, LMFT 10/28/2019
info_outline Season 2: Episode 10: How to Stay Connected in Marriage with Special Guest Kenny Sanderfer, LMFT. 09/28/2019
info_outline Episode 9. Season 2: A Simple Guide to Attachment and Parenting 09/03/2019
info_outline Season 2: Episode 8: De-escalating when Mad at Your Kids 08/20/2019
info_outline Season 2: Episode 7: Strategies for Overwhelmed Children with Special Guest Dr. Joshua Straub 08/11/2019
info_outline 02. 6 Strategies for Overwhelmed Parents 07/03/2019
info_outline Season 2: Episode 5: Restoring Connection in Marriage 05/08/2019
info_outline Season 2: Episode 4 How to Repair your Marriage with Special Guest Kelly Bourque 04/09/2019
info_outline Season 2: Episode 3: How to Fight Disconnection in Marriage with Special Guest Kelly Bourque 02/06/2019
info_outline 02. Hot Topic Episode: Healthy Living in the New Year with Special Guest Constance Rhodes 01/20/2019
info_outline 021. Hot Topic: How to Make New Year’s Goals Stick with Special Guest Constance Rhodes 01/05/2019
info_outline 020. How the Holy Spirit Leads Us with Special Guest Lloyd Shadrach 12/20/2018
info_outline 019. Engaging with the Holy Spirit with special guest Lloyd Shadrach. 12/06/2018
info_outline 018. How Pornography Affects Marriage with Special Guest Dr. Noah Zapf 11/21/2018