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Inspiring Educators

We have all had amazing teachers who have made a compelling difference in our lives. Inspiring Educators' mission is to share these moving memoirs from our unsung heroes in education. Each week, episodes will feature an eclectic range of educators from a global community who are passionately dedicated to helping our students succeed in and outside the classroom. Their journeys are varied, but their bright hopes and visions for their students are their common bond. School of life is in session! Come join us and experience what it's like to deal with the daily struggles faced by resilient educators and students. Then, find out what it takes to be an unsung hero in our society. These personal stories by passionate individual teachers will bring tears to your soul, laughter of joy, humble you, and challenge your overall perspective and outlook, but most of all they will inspire you. Common people with a priceless talent to motivate and give, let's celebrate the fun and many adventurous journeys of our inspiring educators!

info_outline IE74: Laurie Roberts. #FlyHighFri. 02/19/2016
info_outline IE73: Tammy McMorrow. #FlyHighFri. 02/12/2016
info_outline IE72: Simon Miller. #FlyHighFri 02/06/2016
info_outline IE71: Jim Burson. A Coach's Coach. 01/31/2016
info_outline IE70: Amy Fadeji. #FlyHighFri. 01/29/2016
info_outline IE69: Todd Schmidt. #FlyHighFri 11/20/2015
info_outline IE68: Allison Kerley. Flipped and Blended Classroom. 11/19/2015
info_outline IE67: Paul Erickson. #FlyHighFri. 11/13/2015
info_outline IE66: Tracy LaFreniere. Rhode Island 2016 Teacher of the Year. 11/10/2015
info_outline IE65: Chris Longo. #FlyHighFri. 11/06/2015
info_outline IE64: Todd Irving. Leadership and Transforming Failing Schools. 11/05/2015
info_outline IE63: Victoria Curry. #FlyHighFri. 10/30/2015
info_outline IE62: Travis Sevilla. An Art Teacher's Work in Progress. 10/30/2015
info_outline IE61: James Sturtevant. #FlyHighFri. 10/23/2015
info_outline IE60: Maria Kisner. #FlyHighFri. 10/09/2015
info_outline IE59: Laura Sullivan. 900 Voices. 10/08/2015
info_outline IE58: Penny Sturtevant. People Centered Leadership. 10/06/2015
info_outline IE57: Justin Birckbichler. #FlyHighFri. 10/02/2015
info_outline IE56: Mark Barnes. Brilliant or Insane 10/02/2015
info_outline IE55: Mari Venturino. #FlyHighFri. 09/26/2015
info_outline IE54: Jonathan Wai. Recognizing Spatial Talent In Students. 09/25/2015
info_outline IE53: Teaching Outside the Classroom. Just As Important. 09/23/2015
info_outline IE52: Stacey Lindes. #PodcastPD. 09/22/2015
info_outline IE51: Burned Out Teachers. Doing the Right Thing. 09/21/2015
info_outline IE50: Fear of Public Speaking. The Power of Words. 09/19/2015
info_outline IE49: John Linney. School Transformation Specialist. 09/17/2015
info_outline IE48: One Year of Inspiring Educators. 09/17/2015
info_outline IE47: Brian Sztabnik. Talks With Teachers. 09/15/2015
info_outline IE46: Andy Weir. The Martian Shares His Tale. 09/02/2015
info_outline IE45: John Andrew Williams. Academic Life Coaching. 08/01/2015