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Lectures in Intellectual History

Recordings from the popular public lecture series featuring new work on all aspects of intellectual history. Hosted by the Institute of Intellectual History at the University of St Andrews.

info_outline David Weinstein - Green's Hume 02/20/2020
info_outline Lucia Rubinelli - Sovereignty and Constituent Power in Weimar Germany” 02/13/2020
info_outline James Poskett - Materials of the Mind: Phrenology, Race, and the Global History of Science, 1815-1920 02/06/2020
info_outline Emma Hunter - Africa and the Global History of Liberalism 01/30/2020
info_outline Silvia Sebastiani - The Boundaries of Humanity in the Enlightenment: Orangutans, Slaves and Global Markets. 01/23/2020
info_outline Richard Whatmore - The End of Enlightenment: A synopsis of the 2019 Carlyle Lectures 12/19/2019
info_outline Iain McDaniel - Writing the Intellectual History of Caesarism in the era of the Franco-Prussian War 12/12/2019
info_outline Nathan Alexander - The Meanings of "Racism": Towards a history of the concept 12/07/2019
info_outline Robin Douglass - The Moral Psychology of the Social Contract 11/21/2019
info_outline Alex Douglas - Spinoza and Religion 11/14/2019
info_outline Paul Wood - The Rise and Fall of the Common Sense 'School' of Philosophy 11/07/2019
info_outline Blair Worden - Ben Jonson and Liberty 11/07/2019
info_outline Riccardo Bavaj - The Spatiality of Ideas: Ernst Fraenkel, Richard Löwenthal, and the "Westernisation" of Political Thought 10/31/2019
info_outline Nicholas Mithen - Codifying Good Taste: Historical Scholarship and Epistemic Virtue in Early 18th Century Italy 10/31/2019
info_outline Teresa Bejan - Equality and hierarchy in the thought of Mary Astell 10/31/2019
info_outline Susan James - Putting One's knowledge to work: Spinoza on 'fortitudo' 10/31/2019
info_outline David Armitage - The Dark Side of Enlightened Cosmopolitanism: Civilisation and Civil War 03/14/2018
info_outline Richard Whatmore - Scotland, Europe and the End of Enlightenment 11/22/2017
info_outline Janet Coleman - Reflections on the Self Itself: in antiquity, the Middle Ages, and what happened next? 11/06/2017
info_outline Lynette Mitchell - Monarchs in democracy 10/17/2017
info_outline Gareth Stedman Jones - Karl Marx and the Emergence of Social Democracy 09/19/2017
info_outline Susan Manly - Maria Edgeworth as political thinker: government, rebellion and punishment 04/25/2017
info_outline Sophie Page - Cosmology and Ritual Magic in the Late Middle Ages 04/18/2017
info_outline Caroline Humfress - Natural law and casuistic reasoning in Roman jurisprudence 04/11/2017
info_outline Phil Connell - Wordsworth’s “Sonnets Dedicated to Liberty” (1802-3) and the British Revolutionary Past 04/04/2017
info_outline Rory Cox - Just War Doctrine in Ancient Egypt 03/28/2017
info_outline David D’Avray - How to do intellectual history 03/07/2017
info_outline Tom Jones - George Berkeley in Livorno: Missionary Anglicanism and Commerce 02/07/2017
info_outline Katrina Forrester - The Origins of Contemporary Liberal Theory Revisited 01/23/2017
info_outline Michael Sonenscher - Hobbes, Rousseau and Democratic Politics 11/29/2016