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JACC Podcast

Each week, renowned editor-in-chief of the Journal of the American College of Cardiology (JACC), Valentin Fuster, MD, PhD, MACC, records free podcasts highlighting journal findings. To keep clinicians updated on the most important science emerging in clinical and translational cardiology, Dr. Fuster provides an overview of the weekly edition, as well as a short summary of each manuscript. Encompassing JACC and nine cardiovascular specialty journals, the JACC family of journals rank among the top cardiovascular peer-reviewed journals in the world for scientific impact.

info_outline JACC - January 18, 2022 Issue Summary 01/10/2022
info_outline Consumption of olive oil and risk of total and cause-specific mortality in U.S. adults 01/10/2022
info_outline Magnetically-controlled Capsule Endoscopy for Assessment of Antiplatelet Therapy-induced Gastrointestinal Injury 01/10/2022
info_outline Risk-Adjusted 30-day Home-Time after Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement as a Hospital-level Performance Metric 01/10/2022
info_outline Feasibility and Potential Impact of Heart Transplantation from Adult Donors after Circulatory Death 01/10/2022
info_outline Management of Atrial Fibrillation in Patients 75 Years and Older 01/10/2022
info_outline Risk of Heart Failure in Patients with Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease: JACC Review Topic of the Week 01/10/2022
info_outline Randomized Trial of Metoprolol in Patients with Obstructive Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy & Effect of Mavacamten on Key Echocardiographic Features in Symptomatic Obstructive Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy: Results From EXPLORER-HCM 01/06/2022
info_outline Coronary Atherosclerotic Plaque Regression: JACC State-of-the-Art Review 01/03/2022
info_outline JACC - January 4-11, 2022 Issue Summary 01/03/2022
info_outline Four-Year Outcomes after Left Atrial Appendage Closure vs. Non-Warfarin Oral Anticoagulation for Atrial Fibrillation 01/03/2022
info_outline Re-intervention and Survival after Transcatheter Pulmonary Valve Replacement 01/03/2022
info_outline Intramyocardial Hemorrhage and the “Wave Front” of Reperfusion Injury Compromising Myocardial Salvage 01/03/2022
info_outline Maternal Cardiac Function at Midgestation and Development of Preeclampsia 01/03/2022
info_outline JACC: Clinical Electrophysiology - Conversations With Legends in Cardiac Electrophysiology 12/20/2021
info_outline JACC - December 21-28, 2021 Issue Summary 12/20/2021
info_outline Characterization of Primary Mitral Regurgitation with Flail Leaflet and/or Wall-impinging Flow 12/20/2021
info_outline Early Hospital Discharge Following PCI for Patients with STEMI 12/20/2021
info_outline Race and Ethnicity in Heart Failure: JACC Focus Seminar 12/20/2021
info_outline Longitudinal Oral Anticoagulant Adherence Trajectories in Patients with Atrial Fibrillation 12/06/2021
info_outline JACC - December 14, 2021 Issue Summary 12/06/2021
info_outline Outcomes Stratified by Adapted Inclusion Criteria after Mitral Edge-to-Edge Repair 12/06/2021
info_outline Microcirculatory Resistance Predicts Allograft Rejection and Cardiac Events after Heart Transplantation 12/06/2021
info_outline Stabilizing Ryanodine Receptors Improves Left Ventricular Function in Juvenile Dogs with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy 12/06/2021
info_outline Race, Ethnicity and Heart Disease: Valvular Heart Disease Part 1 12/06/2021
info_outline JACC - December 7, 2021 Issue Summary 11/29/2021
info_outline Exercise-Induced Ventricular Ectopy and Cardiovascular Mortality in Asymptomatic Individuals 11/29/2021
info_outline Pre-eclampsia Predicts Risk of Hospitalization for Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction 11/29/2021
info_outline Evolution of Late Right Heart Failure with Left Ventricular Assist Devices and Association with Outcomes 11/29/2021
info_outline Abnormal Extracardiac Development in Fetuses with Congenital Heart Disease 11/29/2021