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Confidently Uncomfortable with J.Go

Hey love! What’s up?! Welcome to Confidently Uncomfortable. I’m your host J.Go- health & lifestyle coach and not-so-regal confidence queen. Coming at you with the REAL, the Raw and of course, the UNCOMFORTABLE. My mission is to show you- that to be confident, it has absolutely NOTHING to do with being perfect or having it “all together” and EVERYTHING to do with getting UNCOMFORTABLE and pushing your limits. Tune in as I share my own stories, experiences and education as well as connect with other confident and inspiring guests. INCLUDING YOU! I'll be sharing your stories & confidence wins as you listen along and gain the courage to send them my way! Every week, I’ll be showing up here - real and raw - even when it’s uncomfortable. You’ll be getting expert information about what it takes to show up & be the BEST version of you!

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