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Talking Gut with Dr Jim Kantidakis

Talking Gut is where you get to learn about the gut, the brain and related systems and the surprising ways in which they interact.

info_outline Ep 29 Prof Marc Benninga on Paediatric Abdominal Pain, Constipation and Incontinence 07/11/2022
info_outline Ep 28 Jackie Berryman & Renuka Clarke on Stoma Therapy 06/27/2022
info_outline Ep 27 Prof Lin Chang on Stress and the Gut 06/13/2022
info_outline Ep 26 Dr Helen Burton Murray on Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID) 05/30/2022
info_outline Ep 25 Assoc Prof Tiffany Taft on Stigma in Coeliac Disease 08/02/2021
info_outline Ep 24 Dr Zina Valaydon on Hepatology and the Liver 07/05/2021
info_outline Ep 23 Dr Linda Nguyen on Gastroparesis 06/21/2021
info_outline Ep 22 Dr Britt Christensen on Everything Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) 05/19/2021
info_outline Ep 21 Assoc Prof Antonina Mikocka-Walus on IBD & The Gut-Brain Connection 06/22/2020
info_outline Ep 20 Tina Aswani Omprakash from Own Your Crohns, a story of resilience and GRITT 05/20/2020
info_outline Ep 19 Dr Rachael Coakley on Paediatric Pain Management and The Comfort Ability Program 03/09/2020
info_outline Ep 18 Prof Douglas Drossman on Effective Communication Skills to Optimize the Provider Patient Relationship 12/04/2019
info_outline Ep 17 Assoc Prof Jason Tye-Din on Coeliac Disease 07/28/2019
info_outline Ep 16 Prof Peter Gibson creator of Low FODMAP diet 05/07/2019
info_outline Ep 15 Prof John Pandolfino on GERD and Esophageal Disorders 05/02/2019
info_outline Ep 14 Mrs Johannah Ruddy on IBS, The Patients Perspective 01/02/2019
info_outline Ep 13 Prof Douglas Drossman on The Biopsychosocial care of patients with Functional Gut Disorders 12/03/2018
info_outline Ep 12 Prof Nick Haslam on 'Psychology in the Bathroom' 11/19/2018
info_outline Ep 11 Dr Adam Testro on Intestinal Transplantation 11/06/2018
info_outline Ep 10 Dr Chamara Basnayake on Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth or SIBO 10/14/2018
info_outline Ep 9 Dr Lani Prideaux on Pregnancy in IBD 10/01/2018
info_outline Ep 8 Dr Laurie Keefer on Brain Gut Psychogastroenterology 09/17/2018
info_outline Ep 7 Isabella Trinca & Angela Khera on Biofeedback & Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy 09/02/2018
info_outline Ep 6 Dr Tiffany Taft on The Psychosocial impact in IBD 08/20/2018
info_outline Ep 5 Prof Peter Whorwell on Gut Directed Hypnotherapy 08/20/2018
info_outline Ep 4 Dr Peter DeCruz Microbiota and IBD 08/20/2018
info_outline Ep 3 Dr Jaci Barrett, IBS and Diet (Part 2) 08/20/2018
info_outline Ep 2 Dr Jaci Barrett, IBS and Diet (Part 1) 08/20/2018
info_outline Ep 1 A/Prof Geoff Hebbard, IBS and Functional Digestive,Gut Disorders 08/20/2018