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Angry Boater: Joel Sanders

If you could turn your back on everything you knew to follow a dream, would you? Joel Sanders used to perform comedy in Vegas but, since 2010, he's living on a canal boat, floating around the UK's waterways. His podcast explores the quirky and often harsh realities of life afloat. You can see 'Angry Boater' live at 'Chilibomb' on Curtain Rd, Liverpool Street on Sunday September 19th - his first show in over a year. All ticket revenue from will be donated to The Michael Sobell Hospice. http://www.angryboater.com

info_outline Angry Boater returns with C&RT Mooring Ranger Gareth George re: all things London 07/01/2021
info_outline 036: NBTA, Canal Watch & London. Recorded on a Widebeam 05/01/2019
info_outline 035 Is London boating at an all time low? 04/02/2019
info_outline 034: Benjamin Mercer. What happens when your boat catches fire and sinks? 03/06/2019
info_outline 033: The dark side of Jasmin from 'This Narrowboat Adventure.' 01/31/2018
info_outline 032: Sam Thomas: Customer Operations Manager (London) for the Canal & River Trust. This fascinating conversation covers a wide range of topics from dealing with a tightrope walker over Hampstead Road Lock to hand-grenades, machetes, corpses and more found 12/08/2017
info_outline 031 with guest, Gareth - London Mooring Ranger with the Canal & River Trust 12/01/2017
info_outline 030 London Mooring Strategy Draft Proposals Presentation at The London Canal Museum. 11/29/2017
info_outline 029: The Edward Snowden of the Waterways aka Lindsey Hood 11/25/2017
info_outline 028 Pancho from Peru (on a Springer - not canoe) 11/07/2017
info_outline 027: New London boater meets old jaded one. 10/28/2017
info_outline 026: The 13 yr old continuous cruiser & the crystal ship. 09/14/2017
info_outline 025 Russell Brand's narrowboat & a conflict of interests 09/10/2017
info_outline 024 Raymond against the Machine 08/20/2017
info_outline 023: Poseidon aka Waterlord Jon Guest - CART London Waterways Top Dog 03/31/2017
info_outline 022: Lindsey Hood Pt 2 03/20/2017
info_outline 021: Panic on the fleets of London, 03/08/2017
info_outline 020 David Wright - Owner & Technician with East Coast Marine Heating & Electronics 02/14/2017
info_outline 019 John Hill On Boat Engineers, Their Customers & His Restricted License 02/02/2017
info_outline 018 The Perils of Buying or Selling a Used Boat & much more with Janul aka Lady Shitanic 01/23/2017
info_outline 017 Johnny Diesel Pt 2 + Joel's Broken Pump Out Dramas Pt 3 01/17/2017
info_outline 016 Podcast from Deeper Hell. Day 2 of Blocked Pumpout 01/06/2017
info_outline 015 Podcast from Hell. Pump out ain't Pumpin' 01/05/2017
info_outline 014: Johnny 'Diesel' Paterson. Part 1 01/02/2017
info_outline 013: Kit Redstone - Trans man on a widebeam 12/19/2016
info_outline 012 Secrets of London's coal boats 12/09/2016
info_outline 011 Dick Vincent - National Towpath Ranger from the Canal & River Trust 12/04/2016
info_outline 010 Toilet talk with Compost Queen, Kate Saffin 11/25/2016
info_outline 009: Anarchy on the Waterways 11/20/2016
info_outline 008: Martyn Whitwell - Extreme Narrowboating 11/17/2016