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Keepers of the Peace Podcast

Who is this Podcast for? The same people that this conference is intended for. Freedom-loving, knuckle-dragging, second amendment supporting, donut eating, pole sliding, badasses who understand duty, honor, and service. The International Keepers of the Peace First Responders’ Conference founder, Rafael “Trini” Trinidad, is a military and law enforcement veteran, 2x cancer survivor, a franchised business owner, and a non-profit founder. The National Keepers of the Peace First Responders’ Conference and Podcast are the first of their kind. At this conference, you will learn about business 101, starting a podcast, and even nutrition and fitness. Also, we are going to have some pretty awesome badass breakouts outside of the hotel, and just to name a couple; working out and shooting with the San Antonio Police Department S.W.A.T. Competition Team and a day of kick-ass CrossFit. This conference is centered around providing our first responders, including active duty and veteran, fire, police, military, and ems with a way of thinking outside of their own way of thinking, on a day to day basis. For more information, please subscribe!

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